Karen Marie Moning – Dreamfever

DreamfeverDreamfever is the fourth book in the Fever Series; by this point we have learned a lot about our main characters and have many satellite characters to keep the story interesting.

Karen does a good job of catching the reader back up with each book. As I have alluded to before, maybe she does too good a job because I think the reader could start with this book, book four and be caught up with the main story line. Each previous book is filled with a lot of details and are good books to read if you like paranormal urban fantasy with a touch of romance. I realize that by not reading the other three books those details would be missed but all the main interactions and adventures are referred to in this book. This is also the first book to delve more into romance. These aren’t the descriptive love scenes that you would find in an erotic romance novel but there is some heat.

It begins with the main character, MacKayla (Mac) Lane, in the same horrible predicament she was in when we left her at the end of book three. Mac was all alone and being driven out of her mind, by the horseman of the Apocalypse.  The evil Darroc having sent them to capture her, she is rescued and then must undergo treatment to return from madness. Jericho Barrons aids her in her recovery from the dreamfever she is in; he has been her mentor since realizing that she wasn’t just your average girl from the states. The twists and turns continue on as she has some interactions with her own kind and learns some riveting information from the past. Karen M. Moning leaves us with Mac alone again her bad luck seemingly endless.

I love to hate and hate to love Jericho Barrons. I want him to just hold Mac sometimes and let her feel safe in his arms but I get his tough love approach, he is trying to make her the best Mac she can be and teach her that she shouldn’t ever rely on others. He is trying to turn her into a self-sufficient warrior, fully capable of making the hard decisions. I also think I like Mac now better than I liked the Mac from book one. She has grown up a lot but she still has an uncanny ability to walk right into disaster.

I am getting tired of all the cliffhanger endings though. Recently at a book signing I attended, Karen M. Moning indicated she did not write the books the readers wanted but she wrote the books that came to her. So, I guess I will just have to suffer through cliffhangers if that’s how they come to her.   But I don’t know how many more poor Mac can survive.

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Weekend Quotes

From Kara Harvey
From Kara Harvey

Weekend Quotes

From booksandahotbeverage.tumblr.com
From booksandahotbeverage.tumblr.com

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As it is March and is that month known as National Novel Editing Month, or NaNoEdMo, I will be be revisiting some of my posts on the craft of writing. Today we are looking at that most abused morsel of punctuation, the Hyphen. In my own work I will be looking at each hyphen and deciding if it stays or if it goes. Much of the time, they must go. 

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Jamie Farrell – Moonshine & Magnolias

Moonshine & MagnoliasMoonshine & Magnolias is the second book in the Officers’ Ex-Wives Club Series.

It was much anticipated by this reviewer and it did not disappoint. Jamie Farrell is to modern day books what Candace Camp is to historical’s in my opinion. (I love Candace Camp books!) Like the first book in the series there is comedy thrown in, making the book light-hearted. It provided me a nice break after having read several dark and serious romances.

Shelby was a spitfire ex-wife of one of Uncle Sam’s boys and Zack is one of Uncle Sam’s boys just waiting on his traveling papers. Their romance only happens after an unforeseeable event take’s place. And Shelby is not happy about it happening at all.

My favorite character is Shelby’s dog, Penelope, the hunky Zack follows in at a very close second. It’s a great read that I would recommend to anyone asking for a fun romance with a happy ending.

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