Karen Marie Moning – Bloodfever

BloodfeverBloodfever is the second book in the Fever Series by Karen M. Moning; also know as a MacKayla Lane Novel.

Like its predecessor, Darkfever, you will have to continue reading the series to see what happens to the characters. But I don’t think reading Darkfever is necessarily a requirement before reading this book. Yes, it will give you more in depth knowledge of the characters and you would miss some adventures but the big ones are alluded to in this book. So for you out there who like to skip ahead for just the meat and potatoes, leaving the appetizers sitting cold in the kitchen, starting at Bloodfever will get you the gist. I read both books.

There are a couple almost “romantic” scenes in this book but nothing out of a romance novel. This book definitely focuses more on the paranormal mystery than romance. It starts with poor MacKayla (Mac) Lane being battered and bruised from her last adventure in the previous MacKayla Lane Novel, Darkfever. Jericho Barrions had came to her rescue and been amazed at how well she had done on her own.  She had hoped that their adventure had not only provided them with good intel but also left an enemy dead.  With so many enemies it would be nice if she had one less to worry about.

Mac is haunted by her demons but aren’t we all, at one time or another.  The difference is hers might kill her if she doesn’t get them in check.  With new players emerging and others dying it’s hard to determine which characters are the good guys. But so is the way of life. Anyone could betray you at any time if something better comes along.

I feel for Mac as her world just keeps changing around her and she has no way to control it.  She feels alone and stuck. Everyone wants her but nobody is willing to take her as she is. They all want her to fit inside the pretty little box they have chosen for her.  Slowly she is becoming her own women though.

She still hasn’t decided if she trusts Barrons but Mac calls on him every time trouble finds her, Barrons being the lesser of the evils surrounding her. Towards the end she thinks she has finally figured out what makes him so special but then changes her mind. Karen leaves us with Mac alone learning that maybe Barrons had been right about a few things. Personally, I really want to like Barrons and I really want him to be the hero but I just don’t know.

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