Run down of my works in progress #WIP

Today while I was trying to get caught up on #AuthorConfession on Twitter I had to try and recount where I was with each project I have started.

Here’s a run down of my works in progress and their various states. Am I the only one with my projects so scattered?

Out of the Blue

-started in February 2015

-finished story in November 2015

-finished major editing in April 2016

-received purchased cover September 2016

-got okay from Editor to publish in October 2016

-paused at changing it from present to past tense November 2016

Into the Blue

-started in October 2015

-paused at 3234 words

Her Unexpected Life

-started November 2015

-finished story November 2015

-finished major editing August 2016

-got okay to publish September 2016

-decided to change to past tense September 2016

-published ebook in October 2016

-paused at getting paperback out

The Witch and the Wolf – working title

-started January 2016

-paused at 5876 words

Blink – working title

-started April 2016

-paused at 1509 words

Vested In Her

-started in July 2016

-finished story July 2016

-finished major editing in October 2016

-stuck at waiting on feedback November 2016

Her Ordinary Life

-started September 2016

-paused at 36182 words

Seer – working title

-outline phase only October 2016

Outlook – working title

-started November 2016

-finished story November 2016

-paused at first draft stage

Potential In Her – working title

-started January 2017

-paused at 8421 words


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