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ReBlog – Very interesting.

I was rejected once again in my attempt to get a Featured slot on BookBub. The difference this time is that my book is now on lots of different stores, not just Amazon-exclusive. BookBub chooses ve…

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Kim Richardson – Marked Soul Guardians

MarkedMarked is the first book in the Soul Guardians Series.

Marked through me for a loop. I got it without reading anything about it and thought it was a contemporary story. Boy was I shocked when my main character was dead within minutes of starting the book. I continued reading, getting myself back on track and in the mindset of reading a paranormal.

Kara the main focus of the book is an unlucky teenage girl destined for greatness. Eventually. Ruin plagues her for a while first. After her death she is chosen to be a guardian angel for us mortals back on earth. Her training starts and there are good times and bad alike. She loses her only friend when she dies then she loses the only friend she’s made since her death. Alone and determined to prove everyone wrong she takes a highly dangerous mission. Will she return from it in one piece or will her and the other five Guardians perish on this mission full of peril?

There is little to no romance in this book, an innocent kiss and I don’t recall any foul language. So I recommend this book from YA readers to more sophisticated tastes as well. It’s a sweet story about a girl finding herself even after she’s dead. I really enjoyed her youthfulness but found her motherly side the most appealing. My favorite character is a toss-up between Kara and her Petty Officer David. He was the typical flirt with just the right amount of arrogance thrown in. I can’t wait to read the next in the series. I think it explores the lives or deaths of some of the other characters.