Dean Koontz – The Darkest Evening of the Year

Here it comes the unfavorable review I hate to write.  I hope you will get your own copy and come to your own conclusions.

The best things in my opinion about The Darkest Evening of the Year was that it was easy to read, no noticeable typos and had a couple of plots going that coalesced into one plot eventually. (Like at the very end of the book.) Psychopathic inspired death was abundant though but not overly gory in detail. Dean Koontz does give the reader a happy ending for the few living characters that remain.

I’m always torn about giving a bad sounding review every time I do it. Can I or should I give a book a bad review simply because it’s not my cup of tea? Simply because I couldn’t relate to it? I read the whole book, soldier on through hoping that I would like it. It was a recommendation so I also worry about hurting feelings as well. But it is useless I do not like the book. It even has a paranormal turn toward the end as well. I love paranormal but not this book.

The split plot may have been the turn off for me. Or the multiple characters with multiple identities might have been my stinky fish. But I think the problem was I didn’t get information that would have made me relate to the characters better until almost the end of the book. I realize I am criticizing a beloved author of many, an author even my husband has heard of. But alas I cannot help it, lip service helps no one.

The characters, Amy and Brian are like any other couple each having secrets they haven’t shared with the other. A miraculous return of a past friend and unfortunate reappearance of an old enemy suddenly makes telling these secrets a priority. Amy rescues dogs as pence for sins, some not even her own. And Brian helps her out of guilt for past mistakes. Eventually their pasts catch up to them both but neither realizes that they are meant to share a destiny.

The revolting, Vanessa and Harrow are my least favorite characters because they are murderous psychopaths. Nicki is my favorite. I wish I had learned key knowledge about each character earlier in the story and wish I had learned more about Nicki and her miraculousness. I think I would have liked the book better.

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