S.A. Wolfe – Fearsome

Fearsome is the first in the series of the same name by S. A. Wolfe.

It is not your typical girl meets guy and falls in love. It is complicated and messy just like real life. Typical to a romance there is turmoil and struggle for the characters in the story, as normal most of it is brought on by self-doubt and second guessing what the heart and mind are saying. In addition to this there is depression, anxiety and compulsive behavior that actually adds normalcy to the characters if you can believe that.

FearsomeJessica the leading lady of this story has been thrust into a world of peers that are years older than her all her life. So when an unforeseeable event has a New York City girl heading to the country, a seemingly simple undesired task turns her whole world upside down. Arriving in the country to a brooding hottie, Carson, who ignores her completely while a Hampton’s look-a-like, Dylan, forces his way into her life. A lot of unbelievable revelations are revealed fairly early in the story but do not lose heart because there are more dramatic tidbits dropped on the reader towards the end.

I was drawn to Carson and was naturally untrusting of Dylan. I prefer a man dripping in masculinity not gently perspiring it. Jessica is the typical character type: unwanted, unloved and unappreciated, a wounded bird willing to latch on to anything that will take it. I feel for her because she stepped in it and did not know how to fix her screw up. Her brain was always working overtime trying to solve the riddles of her life while her heart had it all sorted out at the beginning. I hope there are more books about this group of characters.

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