Hannah Howell – Kentucky Bride

Kentucky BrideHannah Howell’s Kentucky Bride is the first published Historical Romance Novel I read back in 2014.

It was a great introduction into the world. The book starts in Pennsylvania in a lavish town with all the luxuries of finer life. The clever Clover Sherwood has been abandoned by her former society and fiancé after her father’s unexpected death. Her father left herself, her mother and two brothers in complete desolation with no hope and soon no home.

Dear Clover gets the pleasure to meet a rugged Kentuckian named Ballard MacGregor. He shares with her that he is interested in finding a wife. She appeals to his business savoy with a deal that will allow them both to come out on top. After a few close calls and quite an unexpected visit from someone from their past all should be well. But his determination to due right by her and her unwillingness to see what is right in front of her leads to a few clouds across the Kentucky sky for these two.

I enjoyed this book and its American setting was more familiar to me. I think this was a great introduction into the world of Sultry Romance. A great book to tuck away in your purse and be transported to another time when Kentucky was more wild and unruly.

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