#NaNoWriMo2016 Crushed

The stars aligned and the writing gods got on the same page the last few days of NaNo and I finished.

No. #NaNoWriMo2016 got crushed.

It literally was about all I did for the last three days but I reached 50,000 words in the finished file. Some of it will be cut, probably the whole Epilogue. But that will all come later.

Remember any words written is a win.

Personally NaNo is like my New Years, I say I’m going to start writing every day once January hits and I get through Christmas then it falls to writing every other day. Finally I convince myself two days a week is fine. Life happens and so do my other jobs but come April and June I’m not letting myself of the hook. Finishing three manuscripts a year for me is a great goal. I would like to be publishing three a year. There’s always next year.


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