Day #17 of NaNoWriMo

Day #17 of NaNoWriMo finds me way behind.

I got 3,435 words written yesterday but I’m still behind. I’m 8,787 words behind to be exact.

I knew going into NaNo this year that I would probably stay a bit behind. I started a new job and some weeks I work all week and others I only work two days. The evenings are my kids and so are the weekends. They have evening activities and it’s Christmas time. There are gifts to buy and presents to wrap when every one is gone during the day.

Last year taught me that my family can be more independent if needed. The kids can pack their own lunches and do small chores around the house. I learned that I can handle not having a spotless house and learned my husband and kids could care less. Though sweeping is a must with wood floors and a dog.

I’m not sad about where I am. I’m just a bit disappointed I was hoping to keep the gap under 4,000 words. Today might be the day. I think I have the laundry all washed up. It can sit in the baskets one more day right?

Happy writing! And if you’re doing NaNo try to enjoy it. I do love my characters even though they are leading me astray.


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