Nora Roberts – Dark Witch

Dark WitchNora Roberts, Dark Witch is the first book in the Cousin O’Dwyer Trilogy.

Dark Witch intrigued me before I even started reading it when I found out it was about witches, which was a new class of paranormal for me. Aside from the witchcraft aspect the characters are very normal and fit into modern day. They have struggles with relationships in their romantic lives just like the rest of us, they have jobs and go to work, and they have friends. The difference is they have to look out for swirling black masses of fog that turn into ancient evil sorcerers when they walk to work.

Nora starts us with a glimpse into the past, giving us the entire reason for our modern day characters plight. The evil sorcerer, who in Sorcha’s time was just an advisory not an ancient evil, torments Sorcha, the Dark Witch and her three children. A battle ensues and its outcome is what decides the fate of our current characters.

Iona Sheehan an American, who has been told by her grandmother her whole life about witches and magick, decides to set off to Ireland to join her cousins. Her decision seals all their fates and there is no turning back when she decides to stay. Her and her cousins must discover a way to defeat what remains of the evil from Sorcha’s time but will their plan be enough or will they only succeed in angering the sorcerer who has waited hundreds of years to absorb their powers.

I enjoy books that have idealic setting like Ireland and this book provides such a setting.

I find the relationship between Iona and her grandmother highly relatable. I have a similar relationship to my grandmother. I like Iona but she is a jump feet first sort and I prefer to look before I leap more like her cousin Branna. I worried if Iona’s attitude toward life would jeopardize them all. But that’s why books are so nice because we get to experience things in ways we normally wouldn’t.

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