NANOWRIMO Synopsis Share

We’re a few days into NaNo and I thought I would do a post where we can share a bit about our latest work in progress.

Share your short synopsis with us in the comments.

Share your progress.

Share your goals for the up coming week.

NANOWRIMO Synopsis time!

2 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO Synopsis Share

  1. This is I started with, and it’s already changed! 😄😄 I’ll rewrite near the end of the month! 👍

    “For Worse” synopsis:

    Nine years ago, Quinn Landon never saw divorce in her future as she took each of her wedding vows to heart – especially “…for better or for worse.”

    She thought she had weathered the ‘worse’ when her husband, Oscar, had an affair four years into their marriage. She was wrong. She thought she had weathered the ‘worse’ two years later when Oscar gave her an STD. She was wrong. Last week, the childless Quinn found out Oscar has a two-year-old son with one of his co-workers. Quinn has had enough, this is definitely the worst of the ‘worse’.

    Unfortunately, Quinn Landon couldn’t be more wrong. Three days after Quinn files for divorce, Oscar has a heart attack.

    Quinn is caught up in a marriage-is-for-life environment, and is being cast as the villain not only by her husband, but by her family AND his family…who knew about the out-of-wedlock child.

    With no one in her corner, Quinn is determined to break free of her farce of a marriage and the hypocrisy intent on ensnaring her for life.

    Moral support appears from an unlikely source, and accepting it could cost Quinn her family.

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  2. This is the closet I have to a synopsis.

    Life changing accident

    Starts attending church
    -sees a series of miracles

    Joins church
    -miracles become unfathomable

    Questions heavens appeal

    Decides to not join the rapture

    Discovers the truth about the calling of the faithful


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