Karen Marie Moning – Darkfever

Karen Marie Moning – Darkfever is book one in her multi named series.


Darkfever is different than the books I have been reading. After reading the Prologue I thought that I wasn’t going to take this book seriously but I gave it a chance and continued reading. I’m glad I did. The beginning was normal and just like any other book. Then when the character MacKayla (Mac) Lane gets to Dublin the book takes a different turn. You follow Mac down the rabbit hole as she disappears into a world she never dreamed existed as she retraces her sister Alina’s footsteps.

In Dublin at a bar Mac starts having strange hallucinations and is attacked by a strange old woman. She ends up getting lost in Dublin and finds herself in an abandoned part of the city. She stumbles upon a brightly lite bookstore and calls herself a cab. After her string of questions alarms the cashier Mac meets the owner, Jericho Barrons. It almost seems that Barrons is going to hold her there until she tells him everything she knows but her cab arrives to save her.

Mac inevitably has another hallucination or so she thinks that’s what they are and runs terrified to Barrons’ bookstore. He feeds her an unbelievable story about what she saw and moves her from her hotel to his residence, which is part of the bookstore. Mac is lost she doesn’t know what is happening to her, she doesn’t know if she can trust Barrons or if he is even telling her the truth. She talks herself out of believing the things she sees right before her eyes, even after touching one of her hallucinations with her own hands.

Karen M. Moning continues to take us further into Barron’s world, dragging Mac further down into this strange reality that she doesn’t want to be apart of. We learn more about the hallucination that aren’t really hallucinations and about how Mac and Barrons are part a small group of humans that have them. The book ends after a horrifying revelation is made. Leaving us to read the next book in the series if we are to ever find out what happens to Mac. So I advise the reader of Darkfever to be prepared to read the next book in the series.

As I read I kept hoping that Barrons would become the hero I needed him to be and towards the end he began to fulfill my wish. Surprisingly Mac almost didn’t need him, she was becoming her own hero till her ego lead her to make a mistake she couldn’t save herself from. Mac’s journey from Barbie to Barbarian is a believable one. She struggles immensely emotionally just like you or I would. Barrons is a mysterious man who is well guarded and keeps his secrets close. Only occasionally letting Mac learn something about him. He evades her questions with more questions. So for as much as I want to like him I am afraid he is one of the bad guys.

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