Jessica Sorensen – Fractured Soul

Fractured SoulsJessica Sorensen – Fractured Soul is book two in the Shattered Promises series.

The author does it to me again! Fractured Soul is another cliffhanger.  Cliffhangers make me sad and a little angry. I understand the purpose but there can be series’ and trilogies with each book ending in a satisfying conclusion. And believe me there is nothing satisfying about this ending. I like the series and the writing skills of Jessica but I prefer a happy ever after of some kind. Gemma has learned that her mother’s not dead, her grandparents aren’t really her grandparents’ just people capable of detaching her soul and Alex the jerk she has all the romantic dreams about has known her for all her life, she just can’t remember.

And Gemma’s drawn to Alex and now Laylen. She is torn with whom to pick. She is magnetized to Alex but is addictively drawn to Laylen.  But none of that will matter if her dreams are true. As I learn more about each character I am left with a feeling of dread for them. Something big is about to happen I just can’t decide which character will be the one who ends it for them all. I wonder if Gemma, Alex, his sister Aislin or Laylen can some how change their doomed existences and that of the world.

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