JM Darhower – Torture to her Soul

Torture to her SoulJM Darhower – Torture to her Soul is book two in the Monster in his Eyes series

Torture in her Soul provides some of the answers I seek after reading Monster in his Eyes. It picks back up where Monster in his Eyes left off.  Karissa Reed (Rita) is distraught over Ignazio (Naz) Vitale’s actions. She wanders through their home trying to ignore that he exists. But he won’t give in. He acknowledges her at every opportunity. Infuriating her more.  She stays because she can’t leave but she isn’t sure she would if she could. Ignazio Vitale is her Knight and her Demon. He’s her Savior from the very world he brought her into or did he?  Considering who her parents are, she was more than destined to be in this world.

After a near death incident Karissa’s affection is rekindled for Naz but then he messes it up again. And she is right back to hating him. So he tells her to go. But she can’t stay gone and his death wish attitude almost causes him to lose her. By the end of the book everything seems to have worked out. But I am still left with questions. Did he really get out? Is he the new boss?  When he’s working now is it to insure their safety from the family? Or is it to insure their place on top?

I feel for Karissa in her struggle to love a monster and hate him at the same time. That reflects my feelings towards this book and the first. I love the loving endearing side of Naz and the seemingly naiveness of Karissa. And the way they are designed for each other by her family’s past actions.

4 thoughts on “JM Darhower – Torture to her Soul

  1. I read Monster in His Eyes and Torture to Her Soul. When I started the first I couldn’t get into it. I went back and couldn’t put the first book down. Naz and Karrissa are well developed characters and are interesting. The storyline/plot is exciting as as well. I liked how Naz was so patient, and basically, waits his anger out in this second book, knowing she still loves him and needs him — not just to protect her life from her past. It reminded me sort of of beauty in the beast, but she doesn’t see he is a monster at first. In this second book, she sees the monster within and it’s hard for to reconcile he is both a man who loves her and that beast/monster with darkness. Great review. I was happy to see Something I’d read. After a while it’s hard to add everything to reading list, there is so many books out there!

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    1. Thank you! Your review is great too.

      It is nice to see reviews for something you’ve read. It connects you to a person.

      I’ve read a lot more than I’ve reviewed. I have reviews written I haven’t posted anywhere.

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      1. I’m impressed, it’s great you can read so much. And it definitely helps writing and is an enjoyable hobby. Haha. I didn’t mean to give my own review in the comment. But I did especially enjoys both books (as you can tell). Looking forward to reading more of your book reviews and other posts 🙂

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        1. I was reading on my cell with the various book apps.

          Now, I only find time to listen to audiobooks. Between writing, editing, and life.

          You should copy and paste your review on your site. I get so excited when I talk to people and they say I like to read but usually that’s where my excitement flatlines. I never find anyone who reads what I do. But when I do, look out.

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