My Novels

Writing styles of Brickley

I’ll separate each of my titles into which style of my writing they sit the best so you know what you’re getting when you read it. At the bottom of this post you will find the classification of each style.

Now on to my novels.

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Her Unexpected LifeValerie Cooper is set on a path she would have never dreamed she would be on.

After her husband leaves her out of the blue she’s left to try and figure out how to live. But he’s not done with her yet. She has to remain silent about their split for months and it really puts a damper on her starting a new life.

She befriends Luke, a fellow parent from soccer and he helps her keep her sanity along the way to her new life. But he may be asking for more than just friendship. Can Valerie trust again? Does she even want to try? More importantly can she survive her soon to be ex’s antics?

Coming Soon!


Vested In Her

Small town biker princess Haven Mercedes Johnson just wants to live a normal life. But she never will under the watchful eye of her dad’s right hand, Crazy George.

With the help of an ex she escapes her gilded cage and sets off for a new life. Her only problem is an over zealous prospect for her daddy’s motorcycle club who brings her old life boomeranging back at her. He’s irresistible to her.

Can she resist his unlikely charm? Can she keep her identity a secret if she doesn’t? And what will her dad do if he finds her?

Coming Soon!




Out of the Blue

Fresh out of the ocean, mermaid Callisto Blue, has lucked into the best possible situation. She has been discovered by the hunky, Drake Banning. And oh how she is attracted to him.

His kindness is only tainted by the lies she tells him to hide her true nature. What will happen when he finds out this women he’s invited into his home is really a mermaid? Will he dump her like yesterdays garbage? Or is he hiding something too?



These are sweet stories. They have a sprinkle of spice and a dash of zest.




These stories sizzle. They are full of zest and are abundant in spiciness.



These stories take sensual to the next level. They send you on a trip to the wild side.


These stories fuel the imagination. They might feature any manner of otherworldly being.

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6 thoughts on “My Novels

    1. I love that you went to my book on Amazon. Thank you!

      I’m publishing it through Smashwords also and Createspace as well. Smashwords will go live the 26th. I’m working on formatting for Createspace now.

      But Amazon does have a free app that you can put on your electronic devices like tablets and cellphones.

      I love my app and have it stocked so full.

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