#TeaserTues – Vested in Her – Take 2

Illict #TeaserTues Vested In Her Except for your reading enjoyment.

I have reworked this story since I originally wrote it during Camp Nano July. Let’s say I remember doing three edits on it since then. That’s a lot in two months. It’s off at my editor now she’s scheduled to look at it next month. Wish me luck!


  1. A read through to write up my index cards on characters and settings. Worked on tense, added missing words, looked for the wrong word being used, looked for plot holes, and worked on flow.
  2. Added more character and setting depth. Worked on tense.
  3. A read through to write up my index cards on story. Worked on anything that popped up.

Vested in Her 7-5-16

Chapter One

Haven bounced across the cracked linoleum floor to answer the call of the beeping oven. She retrieved the surprise she had baked for her friends who were all crowded around a small wobbly legged table in her parent’s kitchen.

“Haven, that smells like heaven. You’re going to make some guy a great old lady one day.” Chrome said.

His older brother Gas smiled, his nut-brown eyes flickered menacingly and he laughed. “We all know that won’t be you, Chrome.”

The other guys around the table burst into laughter.

Chrome lowered his bright red mop that he had in common with his brother, the only thing he had in common with his brother, and stuttered to himself. The sea green eyed, Chrome was the more sensitive of the two. He gave riding lessons to townies down at the bike shop. He was the only one willing to. Gas was a mechanic there and ruthlessly prodded him about helping them. Continue reading

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ReBlog – 6 Free Writing Podcasts


6 Free Writing Podcasts

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ReBlog – How To Write Character Emotion: ANGER


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Anger is a killing thing: it kills the man who angers, for each rage leaves him less than he had been before–it takes something from him.” ~Louis L’amour

According to Webster’s Dictionary, anger is: “a feeling of displeasure and hostility resulting from injury, mistreatment, opposition, etc.”

Synonyms include: animosity, annoyance, antagonism, exasperation, fury, hatred, indignation, ire, rage, and violence.

Even with a brief look at quotes, definitions and synonyms, it’s easy to see that anger has many sides. There’s a big difference between someone who is annoyed and someone enraged.

So how do we write anger to show these differences?

The easy way out is to tell: “Jim was angry.” Ho-hum.

The next easy way out is to express anger in tired cliches: mad as an old wet hen, mad as a hornet, etc. Double ho-hum.

Even when using body language and facial expression, it’s easy to fall back on tried and true phrases: yelling, slamming doors, pounding fists, lips drawn into a thin line (one of the big hangups in my own writing).

With anger, other emotions often come into play, as the definition and synonyms above suggest.

Discussion Question #1: What other emotions do you see as being part of anger?

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ReBlog – Check out this lady and her blog.  After I finished writing “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat,” a general fiction novel, I queried a slew of literary agents and publishing companies. 80 queries later, I’ve found that its …

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Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Fellow blogger Marquessa is one smart cat. She’s the best kind of writer — the kind who, on her blog Simply Marquessa: Life is just a story, helps promote other writers!

Thank you, Ryan McGuire of Gratisography! Thank you, Ryan McGuire of Gratisography!

Here’s her newest list of authors that she recommends we all support:

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KE GarlandI’m Kathy. I host an inspirational blog and my upcoming book The Unhappy Wife aims to do the same: inspire. It is inspired by 12 women’s real marriages and meant to help women, married or not, to think about who we are before, during and after marriage. It’s also unique in that there’s an afterword by an online relationship coach. It’s available for pre-order via Amazon right now. But if you’re interested in the paperback, you’ll have to wait until October 20th and also follow my blog for details 😉https://www.amazon.com/Unhappy-Wife-KE-Garland-ebook/dp/B01J96KOCE.


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ReBlog – How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – Part 3

ReBlog – We could all use more traffic.

Last week we began our study of ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Today I want to focus in on how to get the word out that you have a blog everyone needs to check out!Here are a few things I’ve learned:

Blog Catalogs

You will notice several little buttons in the sidebar of WordVessel, close to the bottom of the screen. (Aren’t they cute? I call them my button collection.)

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Faleena Hopkins – Owned by the Alphas Part One

Owned by the Alphas

This is a very hot read-adult eyes only!

Owned by the Alphas is one part in a multipart series.

As Owned by the Alphas Part One begins I was concerned that the main character was going to be viciously attacked and left for dead, the usual occurrence in werewolf stories. But Faleena Hopkins’ werewolves are not your typical Hollywood werewolf’s in Owned by the Alphas.

Calt the Alpha, who rescued Ali Latham, is dripping with masculinity and self-assuredness.  No wonder Ali just agrees to his terms. Ali Latham is a normal girl who went out for a hike but got thrown into a world she didn’t know even existed but had unknowingly been on the edge of before. Her current life has parallels to that of the pack’s life. So I can see how she would fit right in. Owned by the Alphas Part One ends with an unexpected twist that I didn’t see coming.

I can’t wait to start Part Two and see how it all works out.  I like this paranormal romance but it is very explicit and erotic in nature. Much is NOT left to the imagination.  So be warned if you choose to read it; I suggest you do.

“In The Best Interest of the Child” by Felicia Denise #PreOrder

Nesie's Place

itbiotc-front-coverTitle: In The Best Interest of the Child

Author: Felicia Denise

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Psychological/Romance

Release Date: September 30, 2016


“Do you truly believe she wants to go into foster care?”

“No way. But until I’m certain where her head is emotionally and mentally, I won’t try to second guess her. Rena’s feeling like a burden right now, and might feel it’s the thing to do to free the Bellamys from having to take care of her. I’m walking a very narrow path with this one. Did you hear back about the updated docket schedule?”

“Affirmative, boss lady. You’re off the hook until Tuesday.”

“Then let’s get to work and make some magic!” Margo stood and headed for the door. She stopped and slowly turned back to her boss.



“Don’t think for one second that we’re not having a discussion about what had you glowing earlier, got it?”…

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#TeaserTues – Her Unexpected Life, Excerpt Take 6

This major tense rewrite is complete.

Her Unexpected Life

I was almost ready to publish this for pre-order and then I decided to rewrite it. I had went out on a limb and wrote it in present tense. After much thought and advice  I decided to change it.

This version needs to run through my editor. So typos may be present.

Past versions

Her Unexpected Life 8-16-16

Her Unexpected Life 6-14-16

Her Unexpected Life 5-3-16

Her Unexpected Life 3-25-16
Her Unexpected Life – 12-15-15

Chapter One-End of January


Valerie Cooper’s cell phone jingled to life in the middle of the pop aisle at her local Hugemart. Swiping her finger across the screen, she read the text from her husband. I’m moving out.

Ha! Auto-correct, the technological version of that telephone game the kids play. Valerie’s thumbs wrestled with the touch screen of her phone to send her reply. I think auto-correct got you. Lol! She tossed her phone back in her purse and moved on to the next aisle where she was greeted by the scent of roses. Umm. I love the scent of roses.

Moments later, a few cheerful jingles announced his response. No. It didn’t. I’m moving out of the house, and in with Wendy.

The corners of Valerie’s eyes crinkled and she pursed her lips as she waited for the punch line in this bizarre joke of her husband’s. Curtis, as far as jokes go, this one sucks, babe. She didn’t throw her phone back in her purse this time. Instead, she stood fixed in the aisle, almost rooted to the spot while waiting on his retort. The humor of his joke must have been over her head. Continue reading

I Promise That It Won’t Hurt

Covers, covers and well more covers

I have possibly overwhelmed myself with cover options.

The major undecided options are:

to center the back cover text or not?

to make it bold or not?

Then do I want to just use a plain black cover with white text or do I want to wrap the original image used from the ebook cover over to the back? Then overlay that with a white translucent box and add black text?

I have settled on using my picture on the back and a small bio. I also settled on the back cover text. That’s all squared away.

I’ve tried sampling some books I have but that got me nowhere. As they all have different versions of the above mentioned items.

So, I’m stepping away for a few days. I don’t need it right now. I just wanted to tick another box off on the road to publishing.

Do you want to see the options?

ReBlog – LOGLINES AND TAGLINES ARE DIFFERENT And You Need Both For Your Novel by R. Ann Siracusa

ReBlog – As a future self-publishing author I have to teach myself.

“Cannot. Stress. This. Enough. Every week I see scores of pitches – sent to my inbox, my ears or via script listing sites – and every week I see Loglines and Taglines being mixed up. PLEASE S…

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ReBlog – Share Your Published Or Almost Published Book Event! #WWWBlogs @BloggersBlast @BloggerBees @BBlogRT

ReBlog – Share your work.

Did you put your blood, sweat and tears into writing a book and you are now a “published” author? Are you on the verge of being published and want to shout it out to the world?

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