Faleena Hopkins – Owned by the Alphas Part One

Owned by the Alphas

This is a very hot read-adult eyes only!

Owned by the Alphas is one part in a multipart series.

As Owned by the Alphas Part One begins I was concerned that the main character was going to be viciously attacked and left for dead, the usual occurrence in werewolf stories. But Faleena Hopkins’ werewolves are not your typical Hollywood werewolf’s in Owned by the Alphas.

Calt the Alpha, who rescued Ali Latham, is dripping with masculinity and self-assuredness.  No wonder Ali just agrees to his terms. Ali Latham is a normal girl who went out for a hike but got thrown into a world she didn’t know even existed but had unknowingly been on the edge of before. Her current life has parallels to that of the pack’s life. So I can see how she would fit right in. Owned by the Alphas Part One ends with an unexpected twist that I didn’t see coming.

I can’t wait to start Part Two and see how it all works out.  I like this paranormal romance but it is very explicit and erotic in nature. Much is NOT left to the imagination.  So be warned if you choose to read it; I suggest you do.

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