Tessa Dawn – Blood Destiny

I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Destiny, it’s not your everyday Vampires.

Blood DestinyThe beginning was a little cloudy to me but after all that settled and the story proceeded I found myself captivated. I believe Tessa Dawn did an excellent job and I have added the next in the series to my must read list.

The book is about one of my favorite dark knights, the vampire which is part of the reason it was so enjoyable to me. I also was captivated by the way they choose their eternal mates or rather the way they were chosen for them. Tessa’s addition of a real family type unit for her vampires was a nice change to the more loner style vampires I usually read. Tessa in my opinion had some fresh ideas in this book that I really enjoyed. If your looking for a Fifty Shades type book then this isn’t for you but if you enjoy vampires, predestined romance and a little drama then this is for you.

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