Gigabytes and Data

This post has nothing to do with writing directly but has everything to do with it indirectly.

I have run out of Internet. No more data for me. How you may ask, well there are places even in this day and age where it’s not abundant. I live in such a place. Between just my husband and myself we use 20 gigabytes. Is this a lot? It feels like a lot. But most other people I talk to have unlimited but they live closer to a major city or a least a city big enough to offer such a thing. They even have options, cable, satellite, etc.

Our options where we live is satellite or a jetpack hot spot generator. To say this is annoying is an understatement as I sit at the local golden arches only eight miles away and type up this blog post.

How many gigabytes do you use?

I don’t need Internet to write but I do. I use it to look up stuff so much more than I ever realized. I realize every month when I use up those 20 and end up going over at least 1 or 2 more. That’s so inconvenient. I need to find a better solution because the wifi at the local businesses is sketchy at best.

How many times while writing and editing do you use your data?

I guess on the bright side I have gotten a lot of editing done.


6 thoughts on “Gigabytes and Data

  1. No one’s unlimited service is truly unlimited, they just haven’t reached the magic number that makes their ISPs scream.

    Hope you get a great solution to your issue. I envy the towns that are completely wired, free to use for every one, just like I loathe cities like mine (Tucson) that allow ISPs to have a monoply is certain areas…like mine. Monthly fees are ridiculous. 😡

    1. It’s weird but I could say the same because of that hotspot box.

      I’m dreading when my daughters have to get on the internet for homework. Now, it’s just for things like study games and are all optional. They wear out my in-laws internet when they’re there.


  2. As for internet, I have unlimited but will soon reduce my package and “add on” as necessary. I go between 30 and 75GBs per month but mainly because I have Netflix or internet radio on a lot when I’m at home. And as for looking up stuff while I write, I was actually thinking of setting up my wireless keyboard and tablet to write instead of my laptop to avoid the “surfing” bug. 🙂

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    1. It looks like we may be on the conservative end using 20 between the two of us. I bet if we had unlimited though we would use so much more.

      I need to learn to keep a small notebook for things I need to look up next to me when writing.


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