Brenda Novak – A Husband of Her Own

A Husband of Her Own is the second book in the Dundee, Idaho Series.

This was my second audiobook and I definitely think I’m developing an addiction to them. I borrowed it from the local library. Something I was amazed to find was even an option. I’m glad it is. This was my first Brenda Novak novel and I think I’m addicted to her as well. I now need to go back and get story number one in the series though it’s not necessary. This book read as a stand alone with a happy ending both things I love tremendously.

Brenda leads us down Rebecca Wells’ path of discovering herself. Rebecca has always felt like she didn’t measure up and her next-door neighbor, Josh Hill, didn’t make her life any easier. He was perfect according to her father and everyone else in town. Rebecca tried her best to be the son her father always wanted but Josh fit the bill so much better than she ever could.

Rebecca plans on marrying and moving away to prove to everyone that she can be more then the prankster she was in her youth. Rebecca’s father insists she make a truce with Josh before his anniversary party. His attempt to keep the peace.

Can Rebecca do it? Can she survive a truce with, Josh Hill, her long time nemesis? Can the town? You’ll have to read the book to find out. I’m not going to ruin it for you.

But I will tell you who my favorite character is. I liked Rebecca, poor thing couldn’t win for losing and I’m a sucker for the underdog. She is stricken with the same luck my husband has. So, I can relate to her very easily. I won’t till you exactly why my least favorite characters were my least favorite but I will at least tell you who. Rebecca’s family fell into this category. They were well written to the point that I didn’t care for them, I’ll refrain from saying more as to not spoil the book for you.

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