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I’m sharing some of your blogs today and maybe throughout the weekend. Here’s the second.

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I’m sharing some of your blogs today and maybe throughout the weekend. Here’s the first.

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An Actor, a Writer, and a Rabbi’s Wife Walk into a Bar… – Namedropping, gratuitous advice and random thoughts

Mina Carter, Celia Kyle – Dragon Her feet


Dragon Her feetI enjoyed reading Dragon Her feet and can’t wait to read the next in the series, Hedging his Bets.

Dragon Her feet was light and had an airy feel to it. It was fun! I rooted for the dragon to succeed and switched camps to the werehedgehog when the dragon had a dumb streak. I love the intensity that unfolds in this book. I wonder if it is due to it having two authors.

I must say that I have read other books where the characters refer to themselves as pleasantly plump but I was not aware that it was a specific sub genre. I wonder how many of these sub genres I am missing as I devour romances.

My favorite character was Katie, the werehedgehog who wasn’t afraid to boss a big ole elite-club dragon around. Her best friend, Honey a non-shifter, hooked up with her alpha werehedgehog leaving our little werehedgehog without a mate. Should she follow what her animal instincts want or stick to what her mind tells her is the plan?

The only part of the story that was not bad but maybe unnecessary was the interaction with the dragon and the other shifters at the beginning, a wolf and a lion. I imagine this was an attempt at adding characters for subsequent books in the series but didn’t really add anything and I kept waiting for them to reappear in our tale. Maybe it was just an attempt to set the scene for us regarding the dragons long over due homecoming but I think it may be unnecessary for the dragon and the were-hedgehogs story to progress.

All that being said, I love this book!

ReBlog – Soul Cleansing!

ReBlog – I love this!

I thought you’d like this Pin on Pinterest…

Source: Soul Cleansing!

#TeaserTues – Her Unexpected Life Excerpt Take 5

Round Five? Edits are complete

her-unexpected-lifeI’m so close to publishing this.

I decided to not dwell on the name I’m publishing under and to focus on just getting it ready. I sent it back to my editor and got it in .mobi form to send to my betas readers. It looks so good on my kindle app.

I wanted to share the most up to date version of this with you on Tuesday but it’s my youngest’s week to drag mom around town without her sister. So, I was being held hostage at a fast food play place with no laptop because mommy is always working on that thing. I’m sharing now and will back date it for Tuesday. I love the back dating option.

Her Unexpected Life 6-14-16

Her Unexpected Life 5-3-16

Her Unexpected Life 3-25-16
Her Unexpected Life – 12-15-15

Chapter One-End of January

Valerie Cooper’s cell phone jingles to life in the middle of the pop aisle at her local Hugemart. Swiping her finger across the screen, she reads the text from her husband. I’m moving out.

Ha! Auto-correct, the technological version of that telephone game the kids play. Valerie’s thumbs wrestle with the touch screen of her phone to send her reply. I think auto-correct got you. Lol! She tosses her phone back in her purse and moves on to the next aisle where she is greeted by the scent of roses. Umm. I love the scent of roses.

Moments later, a few cheerful jingles announce his response. No. It didn’t. I’m moving out of the house, and in with Wendy.

The corners of Valerie’s eyes crinkle and she purses her lips as she waits for the punch line in this bizarre joke of her husband’s. Curtis, as far as jokes go, this one sucks, babe. She doesn’t throw her phone back in her purse this time. Instead, she stands fixed in the aisle, almost rooted to the spot while waiting on his retort. The humor of his joke must be over her head. Continue reading

What is your favorite social media?

I shared a few days ago my social media accounts and invited you to do the same. I invite you again to share your links in the comments now.

But what I want to know is what is your favorite account and why?

I think my favorite is Twitter. You can share a lot of info rapidly, you can make drafts of tweets to share later, you can share links, and you can pin a tweet to your top menu. If only you could schedule tweets. That’s the dream.

Next I think my favorite is Tumblr but I don’t use it to its full advantage. My least favorite used to be Instagram but it’s rapidly approaching twitter status after I was advised to just try it. I wish you could share links on it.

My next question is do you snapchat?

I haven’t tried this as an author platform yet but I used to have it. I think I’m missing the use of it all together. (Fell free to explain what the purpose of it is. It reminds me of Instagram.)

Whatever platforms you use I wish you lots of follows and shares. Happy writing.

ReBlog – How To Write Character Emotion: Contentment

ReBlog – I love helpful info.

Ahh…contentment. There’s nothing quite like it.

Let’s dig into it with our brains and see if we can find fresh ways to convey it on the page.

Synonyms: satisfaction, gratification, happiness, pleasure, peace, ease, serenity, comfortI happen to believe that there are degrees of contentment. Here’s how I’ve categorized it (from mildest to strongest): happiness, ease, comfort, pleasure, peace, gratification, serenity, satisfaction

Source: How To Write Character Emotion: Contentment | BlogHer

Social Media

Accounts here. Accounts there.

I’ve got so many I can’t remember them all. Since it’s the weekend I thought it would be fun to share our accounts with each other. I’ll share mine first. Feel free to post yours in the comments.














ReBlog – Grammar Check: Affect Vs. Effect

ReBlog – For those of us who may get confused some days. (Subtle cough.) I may be included in this group.

Affect and Effect are twins. Sometimes you can tell them apart, but other days it’s difficult. I hope this post will have a lasting effect on you. (See what I did there?) Affect Affect i…

Source: Grammar Check: Affect Vs. Effect – Rachel Poli

Rattling around in my head…

…I have a story. It’s begging to get out!


But I need to edit two others. What’s a girl to do?

Outline. Outline. Outline. Then back to work editing.

Starla Hutchinson – Shadows on Snow

Shadows on Snow is part of the A Flipped Fairy Tale Series

Shadows on SnowThe cover of this book makes me think of Snow White but the parallel isn’t blatant till almost the end of the book. True to its word it is a flipped fairy tale and I am not saying I didn’t enjoy the book. I’m interested to read the next in the series to see how she made the story we have all heard her own. This book gives romance to the reader but there are no X-rated scenes for the erotic lover. Just old fashion handholding and a reacquainting kiss from a pair of lost lovers.

The story unfolds in the very distant past when the lands were ruled instead of governed. A set of sisters that escaped death as their fate, are trying to do the same for a neighboring castles queen. With the help of a fairy godmother and magical abilities they hope to achieve this goal and rid the lands of the evil King Alder while also saving the Prince.  Rae, one of the sisters, a lady on a mission with the magic of glamour to aid her in it has infiltrated the enemy castle to gain information.  Leo, the prince, a man of good intentions left in a humbling situation.

I think my favorite character was Rae.  Of Course the evil King Alder my least favorite.  This was a first person book that ended in a happy ending.  I will also add it was suited for Young Adult readers.  The author says twelve and up.  I think that’s accurate.

ReBlog – The Do’s and Don’ts of Editing a Novel

ReBlog – Great advice!

Guest bloggers visit my website twice a month on Tuesday and Thursday. If you would like to be a part of this, feel free to check out the Be a Guest Blogger page. This week’s guest post is brought …

Source: The Do’s and Don’ts of Editing a Novel – Rachel Poli

ReBlog – Thoughtful Tuesday: Believe in Yourself

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Source: Thoughtful Tuesday: Believe in Yourself

Summer Mom Dash

I owe you an apology.

I’ve been doing the summer mom dash and been neglecting my blog. I’ve tried to catch up when I have time but it’s hard to keep my head above water. I just want to say I’m sorry. During the school year routines are in place and I have some mommy quiet time to think about posting and what post I want to share when. I can pre-schedule posts and keep you up to date on my writing.

But this summer had me driving one way to drop one kid off at ‘getting used to school for new kindergartens’ for three weeks. Then chasing my tail back the other way to drop off the other at a seven week long theater camp/rehearsals. We also squeezed six weeks of swim team and a week of dance camp in there somewhere. And have started swim lessons for my youngest last week.

But school supplies are bought and we’ve started getting rid of clothes that are to small. (Yuck, I hate doing this.) So far 3 garbage bags full from one kid are headed to my niece. We’ve planned their individual weeks with Nanny and what I’m doing with the other one. The zoo is a popular destination for my kids.

Have you been doing the summer parent dash?

I finished Camp NANO early.

This was good because I had company coming in the entire last weekend of July to go to my daughters play. She was in a junior production of Beauty and the Beast. Proud momma moment – she did awesome. She’s only eight and like all the younger kids she was a support characters. My daughter was an enchanted knife in the Beast’s castle.

My 30,000 word goal poured out of me some days but I had days I didn’t write at all. Mom duty called and I answered. I had a great cabin to start with of several writers but like in April only a few seemed to participate and chat. A few new writer friends and I decided to start our own cabin and the support I felt was amazing.

If you wrote words during Camp NANO you should be proud of yourself.

I’m wrapping up edits for Her Unexpected Life.

I’ve went through all my notecards and tied up those loose ends. I’ve worked on most of my editors issues but like the stubborn person I am, I’m dragging my feet on a few things.

Have you ever taking a shower and then a relaxing bath? My character did this and apparently it’s weird. I’ve done this. Maybe it’s just my guilty pleasure but a quick shower and a soothing soak after a day walking around the zoo for six hours is amazeballs. Add an adult beverage and an audiobook and this lady is in heaven.

Another issue is I go back and forth with how to publish it. Should I use a new one name? An author I follow obviously using a pen name decided to write a similar series under a pen name: one wrote PNR and one wrote PNR set in the Old West. Recently she republished the series by the Old West pen name under her other pen name which I’m assuming is a pen name.

I feel like this may be the universe answer my question somehow. Her Unexpected Life is a sweet chicklit romance and Out of the Blue is more steamy PNR. I’ve asked everyone I know their opinion but ultimately it’s my decision.

Should I publish it under another name? Where’s the line? Just when you genre jump?

Happy writing and editing!

ReBlog – How to Introduce Characters: 3 Tips to Make Readers Fall in Love with your Protagonist


How to Introduce Characters: 3 Tips to Make Readers Fall in Love with your Protagonist

I’m a person. You’re a person. In fact, everyone reading this – at least until our robot overlords have developed sentience – is a person, a human being. Homo Sapiens. The ape with two opposable thumbs and a bad attitude […]

Source: How to Introduce Characters: 3 Tips to Make Readers Fall in Love with your Protagonist – Dan Malakin