What is your favorite social media?

I shared a few days ago my social media accounts and invited you to do the same. I invite you again to share your links in the comments now.

But what I want to know is what is your favorite account and why?

I think my favorite is Twitter. You can share a lot of info rapidly, you can make drafts of tweets to share later, you can share links, and you can pin a tweet to your top menu. If only you could schedule tweets. That’s the dream.

Next I think my favorite is Tumblr but I don’t use it to its full advantage. My least favorite used to be Instagram but it’s rapidly approaching twitter status after I was advised to just try it. I wish you could share links on it.

My next question is do you snapchat?

I haven’t tried this as an author platform yet but I used to have it. I think I’m missing the use of it all together. (Fell free to explain what the purpose of it is. It reminds me of Instagram.)

Whatever platforms you use I wish you lots of follows and shares. Happy writing.

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