Starla Hutchinson – Shadows on Snow

Shadows on Snow is part of the A Flipped Fairy Tale Series

Shadows on SnowThe cover of this book makes me think of Snow White but the parallel isn’t blatant till almost the end of the book. True to its word it is a flipped fairy tale and I am not saying I didn’t enjoy the book. I’m interested to read the next in the series to see how she made the story we have all heard her own. This book gives romance to the reader but there are no X-rated scenes for the erotic lover. Just old fashion handholding and a reacquainting kiss from a pair of lost lovers.

The story unfolds in the very distant past when the lands were ruled instead of governed. A set of sisters that escaped death as their fate, are trying to do the same for a neighboring castles queen. With the help of a fairy godmother and magical abilities they hope to achieve this goal and rid the lands of the evil King Alder while also saving the Prince.  Rae, one of the sisters, a lady on a mission with the magic of glamour to aid her in it has infiltrated the enemy castle to gain information.  Leo, the prince, a man of good intentions left in a humbling situation.

I think my favorite character was Rae.  Of Course the evil King Alder my least favorite.  This was a first person book that ended in a happy ending.  I will also add it was suited for Young Adult readers.  The author says twelve and up.  I think that’s accurate.

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