Summer Mom Dash

I owe you an apology.

I’ve been doing the summer mom dash and been neglecting my blog. I’ve tried to catch up when I have time but it’s hard to keep my head above water. I just want to say I’m sorry. During the school year routines are in place and I have some mommy quiet time to think about posting and what post I want to share when. I can pre-schedule posts and keep you up to date on my writing.

But this summer had me driving one way to drop one kid off at ‘getting used to school for new kindergartens’ for three weeks. Then chasing my tail back the other way to drop off the other at a seven week long theater camp/rehearsals. We also squeezed six weeks of swim team and a week of dance camp in there somewhere. And have started swim lessons for my youngest last week.

But school supplies are bought and we’ve started getting rid of clothes that are to small. (Yuck, I hate doing this.) So far 3 garbage bags full from one kid are headed to my niece. We’ve planned their individual weeks with Nanny and what I’m doing with the other one. The zoo is a popular destination for my kids.

Have you been doing the summer parent dash?

I finished Camp NANO early.

This was good because I had company coming in the entire last weekend of July to go to my daughters play. She was in a junior production of Beauty and the Beast. Proud momma moment – she did awesome. She’s only eight and like all the younger kids she was a support characters. My daughter was an enchanted knife in the Beast’s castle.

My 30,000 word goal poured out of me some days but I had days I didn’t write at all. Mom duty called and I answered. I had a great cabin to start with of several writers but like in April only a few seemed to participate and chat. A few new writer friends and I decided to start our own cabin and the support I felt was amazing.

If you wrote words during Camp NANO you should be proud of yourself.

I’m wrapping up edits for Her Unexpected Life.

I’ve went through all my notecards and tied up those loose ends. I’ve worked on most of my editors issues but like the stubborn person I am, I’m dragging my feet on a few things.

Have you ever taking a shower and then a relaxing bath? My character did this and apparently it’s weird. I’ve done this. Maybe it’s just my guilty pleasure but a quick shower and a soothing soak after a day walking around the zoo for six hours is amazeballs. Add an adult beverage and an audiobook and this lady is in heaven.

Another issue is I go back and forth with how to publish it. Should I use a new one name? An author I follow obviously using a pen name decided to write a similar series under a pen name: one wrote PNR and one wrote PNR set in the Old West. Recently she republished the series by the Old West pen name under her other pen name which I’m assuming is a pen name.

I feel like this may be the universe answer my question somehow. Her Unexpected Life is a sweet chicklit romance and Out of the Blue is more steamy PNR. I’ve asked everyone I know their opinion but ultimately it’s my decision.

Should I publish it under another name? Where’s the line? Just when you genre jump?

Happy writing and editing!

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