Jessica Sorensen – Shattered Promises

Shattered Promises is the first book in the series of the same name.

Shattered PromisesGemma, our main heroine in Shattered Promises is an emotionally deprived college student. All her life she thought she was incapable of showing feelings. Then one-day everything changes and she is stricken with intense sadness. Since then her emotions get all jumbled up, the wrong one may surface which causes her strained relationships with others. She has been having vivid sensual dreams of a man and the danger they are in together. Sometimes there is another man, who has a lip ring, in her dreams that she lusts after as well. At the start of the new semester she is floored when she sees the men from her dangerous dreams and is more flabbergasted when he is a total jerk to her. She then unknowingly makes friends with his sister and is now forced to interact with her dreamy romantic jerk.

Her parents died when she was small and her grandparents, who were not very nurturing, raised her. As her emotions begin blooming, she is drawn to anything that makes her feel them, including the dreamy jerk, Alex. Unfortunately for Gemma all is not as it seems and accidental meetings maybe weren’t so accidental after all. Alex and his sister have a secret and so does Gemma but only they know it and they aren’t happy about sharing information. Soon her life will be shattered and all the promises of a normal life will be gone.  I feel for Gemma and even Alex. She has been left in the dark her whole life about who she really is and he has been trained, even a little brainwashed his whole life to make sure she fulfills her duty. Can romance save the day? And Gemma?

Unfortunately I will have to read the next book in the series to discover how it all turns out because this one ends in a cliffhanger. I currently don’t have a favorite character in this series. I find it full of situations that are out of the characters hands, events that have or will happen that they can’t change. I am intrigued to discover how it will all play out as they discover more about who they really are and their roles in it all.

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