July Camp Nano Update 3

Still ahead of schedule

I’m super proud of myself. I’m staying ahead and should have this first draft finished before the end of the month. That works out well because I’m having family come in and I probably should clean house before they get here.

I got to write a bit over the weekend but that means that my hubby had to work the weekend. He ended up not having to go in at midnight like we thought but we didn’t do anything because of it.

Camp Nano Progress

I’ve included a run down of my progress below. The story is taking on a mind of it’s own. I had some basic thoughts of what was going to happen but unexpected events are popping up. I sit down with where I’m taking the characters next and they straight up let me know that’s not where their going. I cave and follow orders, typing what then tell me to.

My main characters are Haven and Riker and I shared a bit of their first chapter before. Riker wasn’t on the scene yet but he’s hot, of course.

How is Camp going for you?

Are your characters shoving you out of the drivers seat, too?

My daily achievements.

Day 11 – 18, 621 recorded 18,467

Day 12 – 21,046 recorded 20,000

Day 13 – 22,097 recorded 22,000

Day 14 – 23, 069

Day 15 – 24,103

Day 16 – 26,252

Day 17 – 27,915

ReBlog – BN set to Sell Self Published Books….What!?

ReBlog – Interesting news on the publishing front for self publishers.

Barnes and Noble has made a pretty significant decision. They’ve decided to sell self published books in their stores. It’s quite the turnaround for the company. I know from personal ex…

Source: BN set to Sell Self Published Books….What!? | Johnny Reads

ReBlog – Care and Feeding of Beta Readers

ReBlogging this great check list of sorts.

DO give them a properly formatted, grammatically-correct, spell-checked manuscript.* It’s annoying as hell to wade through someone’s poor grammar to try and understand their story. DON&…

Source: Care and Feeding of Beta Readers | Bare Knuckle Writer

ReBlog – 7 Reasons Why Your Novel’s Beginning Is So Critical

ReBlog – So useful to us new authors struggling to get it.

I recently had the honor of being named as a finalist in the ACFW Genesis contest, and had two days in which to make changes to my entry to resumbit for the finals.

Thatwas a tense two days, as I agonized over every word, every sentence andevery paragraph (and for that matter–every comma). My entry consistedof a one-page, single-spaced synopsis and the first fifteen pages of my manuscript.

Source: 7 Reasons Why Your Novel’s Beginning Is So Critical | BlogHer

Lindsay J. Pryor – Blood Roses

Blood RosesBlood Roses is Book Two in the Blackthorn Series

WOW! I was blown away before I was even finished. The Hero, the Victim and the Antagonist swap roles like a thing of beauty. Just when I have the story lined out Lindsay would throw me a plot twist leaving me happily dumbfounded. When I was done flopping around in disbelief and spouting ‘I can’t believe that just happened’ I again would try to determine what end lies in store for our main characters just to be amazed all over.

Leila, poor thing, is much the human equivalent of a vampire trying not to feed.  She is also the only one left to watch over her baby sister so of course she would willingly walk into a den of vipers to rescue her. The problem is it’s all a setup. Caleb, mister sexy himself, is an addict trying to stay clean. Leila is the drug that can bring the monster back out in him.  He needs her though to save his baby brother from certain death. Unfortunately she is a serryn, a walking vampire aphrodisiac that can stop a vampire’s cold heart. The hunter and the hunted play a dangerous game each trying to set the other off just to end their standoff. When an outsider threatens to end their game earlier Caleb must think fast, because he’s not ready to stop dancing with death yet.

Oddly I don’t have a favorite main character. By the end Leila is still naive to a fault and Caleb still believes he is a bastard underserving of affection. Her sister Alisha is too clueless and reckless for my liking. Jake, Caleb’s brother is my cup of tea. He is loyal and logical both things I like. Caleb and Leila are loyal but are their loyalties misplaced. Jake doesn’t care as much about the bigger picture. He is concerned more with now.

Lindsay did a great job writing this book just like the last. I had it in my hands reading every available minute I had. This one has a bit more of a cliffhanger ending but not entirely. There’s a resolution to the current problem but bigger problems lie in wait for our pair. If you’re looking for a new series to start I highly recommend this one.

ReBlog – The Importance of Formatting

ReBlog- What do you think about formatting? Do you do it yourself?

Typos, grammar and such are an amazingly common complaint in reviews, something which many indy authors encounter at some point. However, there’s another issue that can get you a bad rapp (or…

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ReBlog – C is for “Chocolate High” – @simplymarquessa #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z

Reblogging another great installation from Marquessa.

CEBImagery.com / Foter / CC BY-NC

Continued from “Back to One”.

Chocolate High (Delaney)

“Close your eyes and open your mouth.” I did as I was told. I felt t…

Source: C is for “Chocolate High” – #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z | Simply Marquessa

July Camp Nano Update 2

Ahead of schedule

I’m ahead of schedule. I find it funny that when I do Camp Nano I get ahead but when I set the same goal for myself in the off months I get behind. Baffling.

Camp Nano Progress

Below is a run down of my progress. The first number is my actual words written. The second is the number I recorded on the Camp Nano website. Sometimes I only get on there once a day.

How’s writing going for you?

My daily achievements.

Day 3 – 9334 recorded 7,000

Day 4 – 10,014 recorded 10,000

Day 5 – 11,035 recorded 11,000

Day 6 – 12,124 recorded 12,000

Day 7 – 13,749 recorded 13,000

Day 8 – 16,364 recorded 16,000

Day 9 – 17, 491 recorded 17,491

Day 10 – 0 recorded 17,491

ReBlog – Finding the Inspiration Part 2

ReBlog – In part 1, I wrote about how to find the way into a story. You’ve had an idea; you’ve found a character and you have them in a  situation where you want to find out what happens ne…

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ReBlog – Top 10 (Search Engine Optimization) SEO Tips For Bloggers

ReBlog – I can’t do some of this and some of it I’m tired of doing but it does help when you do it.

These ten tips are all the SEO things you need to implement in order to get found. The rest is useful to know, but it’s not necessary for us bloggers.

Source: Top 10 (Search Engine Optimization) SEO Tips For Bloggers

ReBlog – 200 Word Descriptive Hair List


Last year I put together a list of descriptive words for food. This year I thought a descriptive list for hair might help you when starting to describe your characters. I included colors, and words…

Source: 200 Word Descriptive Hair List | Writing and Illustrating

Lindsay J Pryor – Blood Shadows

Blood shadows

Blood Shadows is Book One in the Blackthorn Series

Blood ShadowsGet ready to follow, Caitlin Parish, as she relentlessly pursues the master vampire, Kane Malloy. Attempting to read his shadow and convict him of all his crimes against his own kind and humans. Caitlin also hopes to obtain information from Kane. She hopes the information will aid her in resolving the unsolved murders of her parents. But Kane rarely does anything that doesn’t benefit him.

Kane, with his bad boy image, is enhanced by his almost John Wayne style of vampiric justice. His ego knows no bounds and his confidence and boldness are refreshing. From the very beginning, I was captivated by him and his je ne sais quoi.

Caitlin’s almost unachievable goals made me empathic to her and her plight to discover what truly happened to her parents. Her urgency for Kane to divulge the information before being detained causing her to let her guard down.The author, Lindsay J. Pryor, did a superior job creating the world the book takes place in. The book was well thought out, with carefully painted characters, who were easy to imagine. The book moves well, getting the reader where they need to go … even if they don’t want to. This book will defiantly leave you with your jaw gapping quite a few times.

The best part for me was the ending, the resolution of one set of problems and the hint of new to come. It left me wanting more! More Kane, more Caitlin and more of this new world Lindsay J. Pryor created. I would definitely recommend this book! It has a lot to offer those you enjoy romance, fantasy, futuristic or supernatural. From a sultry romance, to an unknown unexplored world that feels like it could be just a few days into our future, to all the things that go bump in the night that scare us just enough to excite us.

ReBlog – Do’s & Don’ts Of Getting Readers to Read Your Book

Reblogging this great advice.

If you haven’t heard about the fake PenguinTeen employee who catfished a number of book bloggers, check out this post by Jon over at Bookish Antics. the short version is an author tried to ge…

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#TeaserTues – Vested in Her

IllictI wanted to share a little sneak peak of my current Camp NANO project.

The title is a work in progress. And this is an unedited first draft. Other than that enjoy.

Vested in Her – Chapter One

Haven bounces over the cracked linoleum floor to the beeping oven to retrieve the surprise she had baked for her friends. They were all crowded around a small table in her parents kitchen.

“Haven, that smells like heaven. You’re going to make some guy a great old lady one day.” Chrome said.

Gas smiled and laughed. “We all know that won’t be you Chrome.”

All the guys around the table burst into laughter. Continue reading

ReBlog – Finding the inspiration


I want to write about finding the inspiration to write. Where, in simple terms, do the stories come from. They say, of the novice writer, write from your own experience but that’s not always …

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