JM Darhower – Monster in his Eyes

Ahhh!!!  I know how the character Karissa Reed feels.

Monster in his Eyes is the first book in the series of the same name.

Monster in his Eyes

In Monster in his Eyes JM Darhower has left us trying to wade through a swirl of emotions. I hate this book and love it!  I wish it gave more answers and didn’t leave me feeling like I HAVE to read the next one.

I WILL, read the next one to get my answers!  A tiny dark part of me WANTS to read the next book, begs me to. So, I am back to sympathizing with the character Karissa and her struggle to love Monsters, this book being mine.

It’s not a book I would recommend reading, if you don’t have time to read the next or if you prefer your monsters less real. I personally would have never picked this type of book out to read; the monsters are too close to being real villains. I like books that transport me somewhere I’ve never been.  Not take me somewhere I could go on the 10 o’clock news.  This book could easily be the character Karissa’s biography if she were a real person.

The character Karissa is accustomed to the less finer things in life. Karissa is a college student trying to keep her GPA high enough to keep her scholarship. She unwittingly sets herself in the path of Ignazio (Naz) Vitale. Her mother had warned her for 18 years of the dangers of the real world. Real monsters, men who steal, rob and kill that all exist in the big city. Karissa allows herself to see none of that in Naz; she sees just a dark night. In his eyes is where the monster lies, only visible at dark heated moments when Ignazio Vitale reveals his true self. Karissa is set afire by Naz’s touch causing her to willingly ignore the monster she sees staring back at her.

Naz, her counterpart is a broken man whose job is to “clean up” as he explains. He is seeking revenge against one of his own “family” for a past betrayal.  He warns Karissa that he was not one to stop in the middle. If he proceeded, he was all in and she had better be ready for that. He is almost overly concerned with Karissa’s happiness and goes to great links to make her smile. After I learned why he was broken I began to understand this concern. It made me love his character but I still hated his darkness, the monster in his eyes. He is a contradiction, which leads to some steamy turmoil between him and Karissa, sometimes dangerously steamy.

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