#Writerslife Pen names

Pen names are great but do you need one?

I understand the purpose of pen names. Some use them for separation. (Clears throat.) Some use them for privacy. But when do you know you need one?

The gap from children’s books to adult books is a good example. (Whistles innocently.) But what about closer gaps?

Like the gap from sweet romance to smutty romance? Should you use a pen name then?

(If you do or don’t I would love to hear from you.)

I can see the downside of starting over if you’re a well established persona. It takes time to build up a following. It takes effort to open social media accounts and keep up with them. I also understand that if a reader of sweet romance picks up a piece of pure smut expecting sweet your in trouble. And vise versa with smut readers being let down by a sweet romance. I love both but expectations can make or break you.

The upside is as an author you have two separate sets of readers. Two voices to express yourself. That can be huge for you as an author.

I know there’s no set guidelines for this type of things and from my poll on twitter it seems most of you are as divided about this as I am. I go back and forth on it.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “#Writerslife Pen names

  1. Interesting post. I have actually thinking about this. The book I’m working on is a paranormal romance. I’m on my second draft. One of my alpha readers commented I either have to stop the sex scenes at a certain point or go with them. I decided to go with them, I like good sex scenes in a book. To me it helps solidify a romantic relationship. But my family and some friends are very Christisn and probably wouldn’t appreciate those parts of my story. So although, I have published poetry under my own name I think as a romance novel writer I’m going to go with a pen name as I plan on doing this as a three-part series and have plans for future romance type books after that. I think this a case where a pen name us good, if everything works out 🙂

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    1. I have a similar situation. But I started out Paranormal Romance that were full of sex. The next thing I wrote was way milder perfect to let the church ladies know about. But I don’t want to be responsible for them finding my other stuff. Once I publish.

      I also have helped my oldest write some kids books so she has claim to my actual name. Which in an ironic twist has an erotic book published under that’s not mine. I have to have it removed from my goodreads everytime they update it.

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      1. Lol. That would be difficult. Yeah Romance with scenes or erotica both need pen names for sure 🙂 congrats to your daughter. An amazing accomplishment at a young age. Yes, I know about the church ladies, they make it hard . Best of luck 🎈🌸

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