July Camp Nano Update 3

Still ahead of schedule

I’m super proud of myself. I’m staying ahead and should have this first draft finished before the end of the month. That works out well because I’m having family come in and I probably should clean house before they get here.

I got to write a bit over the weekend but that means that my hubby had to work the weekend. He ended up not having to go in at midnight like we thought but we didn’t do anything because of it.

Camp Nano Progress

I’ve included a run down of my progress below. The story is taking on a mind of it’s own. I had some basic thoughts of what was going to happen but unexpected events are popping up. I sit down with where I’m taking the characters next and they straight up let me know that’s not where their going. I cave and follow orders, typing what then tell me to.

My main characters are Haven and Riker and I shared a bit of their first chapter before. Riker wasn’t on the scene yet but he’s hot, of course.

How is Camp going for you?

Are your characters shoving you out of the drivers seat, too?

My daily achievements.

Day 11 – 18, 621 recorded 18,467

Day 12 – 21,046 recorded 20,000

Day 13 – 22,097 recorded 22,000

Day 14 – 23, 069

Day 15 – 24,103

Day 16 – 26,252

Day 17 – 27,915

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