Lindsay J. Pryor – Blood Roses

Blood RosesBlood Roses is Book Two in the Blackthorn Series

WOW! I was blown away before I was even finished. The Hero, the Victim and the Antagonist swap roles like a thing of beauty. Just when I have the story lined out Lindsay would throw me a plot twist leaving me happily dumbfounded. When I was done flopping around in disbelief and spouting ‘I can’t believe that just happened’ I again would try to determine what end lies in store for our main characters just to be amazed all over.

Leila, poor thing, is much the human equivalent of a vampire trying not to feed.  She is also the only one left to watch over her baby sister so of course she would willingly walk into a den of vipers to rescue her. The problem is it’s all a setup. Caleb, mister sexy himself, is an addict trying to stay clean. Leila is the drug that can bring the monster back out in him.  He needs her though to save his baby brother from certain death. Unfortunately she is a serryn, a walking vampire aphrodisiac that can stop a vampire’s cold heart. The hunter and the hunted play a dangerous game each trying to set the other off just to end their standoff. When an outsider threatens to end their game earlier Caleb must think fast, because he’s not ready to stop dancing with death yet.

Oddly I don’t have a favorite main character. By the end Leila is still naive to a fault and Caleb still believes he is a bastard underserving of affection. Her sister Alisha is too clueless and reckless for my liking. Jake, Caleb’s brother is my cup of tea. He is loyal and logical both things I like. Caleb and Leila are loyal but are their loyalties misplaced. Jake doesn’t care as much about the bigger picture. He is concerned more with now.

Lindsay did a great job writing this book just like the last. I had it in my hands reading every available minute I had. This one has a bit more of a cliffhanger ending but not entirely. There’s a resolution to the current problem but bigger problems lie in wait for our pair. If you’re looking for a new series to start I highly recommend this one.

2 thoughts on “Lindsay J. Pryor – Blood Roses

  1. I love, love, love these books. The seventh in the series, Blood Bound, is due out on 21st September, and I absolutely can’t wait. I’m already waiting with bated breath for the pre-order – not that it makes release date any sooner, but somehow, it makes me feel better!
    As the world that Lindsay J Pryor is creating unfolds, the books get better and better, and you become more and more involved the characters.
    Highly recommended

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