July Camp Nano Update 2

Ahead of schedule

I’m ahead of schedule. I find it funny that when I do Camp Nano I get ahead but when I set the same goal for myself in the off months I get behind. Baffling.

Camp Nano Progress

Below is a run down of my progress. The first number is my actual words written. The second is the number I recorded on the Camp Nano website. Sometimes I only get on there once a day.

How’s writing going for you?

My daily achievements.

Day 3 – 9334 recorded 7,000

Day 4 – 10,014 recorded 10,000

Day 5 – 11,035 recorded 11,000

Day 6 – 12,124 recorded 12,000

Day 7 – 13,749 recorded 13,000

Day 8 – 16,364 recorded 16,000

Day 9 – 17, 491 recorded 17,491

Day 10 – 0 recorded 17,491

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