#TeaserTues – Vested in Her

IllictI wanted to share a little sneak peak of my current Camp NANO project.

The title is a work in progress. And this is an unedited first draft. Other than that enjoy.

Vested in Her – Chapter One

Haven bounces over the cracked linoleum floor to the beeping oven to retrieve the surprise she had baked for her friends. They were all crowded around a small table in her parents kitchen.

“Haven, that smells like heaven. You’re going to make some guy a great old lady one day.” Chrome said.

Gas smiled and laughed. “We all know that won’t be you Chrome.”

All the guys around the table burst into laughter.

Haven carefully pries the cookies from the pan and places them on a large chipped dinner plate. She turns to place them on the table and almost collides into Crazy George, her dad’s right hand man. He reaches a gnarled finger out toward the plate and flips it right out of Havens hands. The cookies and plate crash to the floor with a commotion loud enough to garish an eyebrow raise from her father seated in the living room.

Her father, Big Bruce, had been watching the whole exchange as he often did whenever Haven was around his men. He shook his head, grunted and flicked his gaze back to the muted TV.

Haven glares at Crazy George, her first pulled into tight balls of fury. Burst into flames. If there is a higher power in this world you will burst into flames, right now.

Crazy George says, “If you lug nuts are done playing house with princess here, you need to get the bikes polished for the morning perimeter check.”

All the guys jump up, causing chairs to awkwardly scape and catch on the worn floor. The noise sounded like a group of five-year-olds learning to play trumpet. None of them glanced at Haven or offered to help her clean up the mess. They knew their place because her father and George made sure they did.

Once all the guys had left Crazy George turned back to Haven, cocked his head and smirked.

Haven swallowed the verbal assault threatening to unleash it’s self from her mouth. Crazy George had it out for her but she wasn’t sure why. Every time she hung out with the younger guys from her father’s motorcycle club he was around to spoil her fun. But never in a protective uncle kind of way. He always operated in a ‘I’m here to ruin your life’ way. She never got to get close to any of the guys and it wasn’t for lack of trying. A couple of the guys were good looking and Haven wouldn’t have minded spending some time alone with them. Crazy George never let that happen though. He was her dad’s bulldog and he was set to guarding her.

Crazy George followed the guys outside and then her father followed. He paused before exiting the living room door. “Make sure and get that cleaned up, princess. Don’t want mice in the house, now do we.” He gave her a half smile and strode through the door.

Why don’t you stand up for me? Why do you let him treat me like that? Haven shook on the inside from rage. Tears brimmed her eyes but she didn’t let them fall. She took five deep breaths and bent to clean up the remainders of her morning surprise. Why she even bothered to try and be friends with the guys her age in her dad’s club was being to baffle her. Crazy George would never let anything come of it.

But what he didn’t know was she had been dating boys from a few towns over. Tally, her best friend, covered for her and said she was at her house when in reality Haven was out with one of her boyfriends. She was an adult, granted she was barely an adult but she was an adult. She was going to start going to the community college soon. Crazy George and her dad had to know she would meet boys there who weren’t intimidated by the fact she was the daughter of a motorcycle club. Maybe she would even meet guys there who didn’t know who she was like she did when she traveled to other towns. Sure they had heard of the motorcycle club but didn’t recognize Haven on sight.

She dumped the cookies into the trash and went to get ready for her day. Today was a busy day. She had lots of sitting on the deck and watching the motorcycles come and go planned. She hated summers here. At least when school was in she had an excuse to get away from this place and see real people. People who had regular lives and did things like going to work in offices. People who did not have clubs filled with drunken bikers as their norm.

Haven sighed. Her mother had died a few years ago leaving Haven to fend for herself here among the bikers. She hated most of them. The guys her age she had grown up with before her mother’s death and the new recruits were alright. But the older guys she hated especially the ones from that day. The day her mother died.

Her mother had died in a hospital after the bike she was riding got hit by a truck. Her mother had been riding on her own that day. She always rode with Bruce but today she had chosen to ride her own bike. And since she wasn’t vested in the club because she was just an old lady she had to ride at the tail end of the group. The club didn’t let old ladies get vested.

Her mother was thrown from her bike, off an overpass and into a shallow creek. The doctors said it was a miracle she was still alive when she got to the hospital. Even though Haven had tried to get there in time to see her before she died, Haven was to late. Her mother had died fifteen minutes before she got there.

Haven blamed the men her mother was riding with that day. They should have let her ride in the front to keep her safe. Haven was mad at her mother for not choosing to ride with Bruce that day. And Haven was mad at herself for taking time to throw real clothes on that day. Her pajama pants and top would have been fine but she felt weird wearing them out in public.

Haven towel dried her hair as she stared at her ghost like image in the foggy mirror. She dreamed of her mother a lot. Had nightmares about her death. Her mind could concoct with great detail her mother’s last moments as she flew from her bike and over the overpass wall. She used to wake up screaming as her mother met the ground with a dull thud but as the years progressed, she became more numb to the shock of it. And now she just wakes sweaty and shaken.

Why am I even here?

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