ReBlog – Finding the inspiration


I want to write about finding the inspiration to write. Where, in simple terms, do the stories come from. They say, of the novice writer, write from your own experience but that’s not always …

Source: Finding the inspiration | TanGental

4 thoughts on “ReBlog – Finding the inspiration

    1. I thought I was a pantser but I think I’m part pantser.

      Even with my first book I had a progession of the story in mind. About half way through I wrote out a rough outline of major major events but my epilogue even surprised me. The characters took me there.

      Now I always have jotted down somewhere a rough really vague outline before I start.

      It usually has the driving scene, a major conflict, a minor conflict and a resolution but I never know tbe end.

      The excerpt I posted today could have to possible endings in my mind. I don’t know where tge characters will take me. We’ll see.

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