St. Louis

Journey and Hotel

Way back in March of 2015 I attended KissCon with a lovely group of ladies. I want ed to share some pictures from the trip with you.

KissCon - St. Louis 2015
My first view of the city.

I never made it into the arch that weekend but if I ever go back I hope to. We took two days to leisurely travel to St. Louse as we left on a Friday.

This was the lovely hotel, St Louis Union Station, we stayed in while there.

Book Event

Some photos of the authors who attended.

This was my first author event. I didn’t even take pictures of the swag I got. I remember getting a book from Maya Banks and then getting one mailed to me because the one she was suppose to give away that day didn’t get published in time. I also remember a wine cup and a wine opener. Then the evening begins to get foggy. We went out to a great pub, Maggie’s maybe, and then went out by the stadium to experience the night life of the area. There was dancing. And that’s all I’m saying.


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