A few questions I ponder.

Should authors write reviews for other authors?

If they do should they use a fake name?

Is it taboo for authors to review other authors?

What are your thoughts?

I try to look at the upside and the downside of things before I decide to do them. This ship has already sailed but I still wonder about my decision.


I’m supporting other authors. I’m getting word out about their work. I’m sharing with my followers what I read which allows us to connect better.


An author may not like my review. Their readers may not like it. My follows may not like it. But that goes with being a writer; all people may not like what I write.

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Authors are readers and should be allowed to write reviews without question. The problem is when authors..and MANY readers try to re-write the story in a review. That’s not the purpose of the review. Too many use it to mock and ridicule, harass and literally do intentional harm to an author and their book by lowering its rating. We know this mentally arthritic group as TROLLS. Too bad they can’t use their powers for good.

    There is a way to write a balanced review without trashing the book or the author. I’ve definitely read my share of 1 and 2-star books, but saying WHY I couldn’t connect with the plot or characters is a whole sight better than, “What was the author thinking when they wrote this?” Writing…and reviewing are personal, and reviews are subjective. Just about everyone has read a book bursting at the seams with 5-star ratings, and wondered if they read the same book. It happens. And, the reader, regardless of if they’re also an author, should be able to post their review without the townspeople coming after them with torches and pitchforks. It truly pisses me off when someone gives a BALANCED and DETAILED review of why the book didn’t work for them, and the masses come out in force attacking them! Chill, people!

    You shouldn’t have to worry about your review “upsetting” anyone. That’s not what it’s for. I know I’ve ticked authors (and readers) off. That wasn’t the intention. But, I didn’t read the book(s) to become part of a special club or be liked. Our reviews are based on our INDIVIDUAL beliefs, opinions and experiences. Even when reading fantasy and/or paranormal, our personalities cannot and do not change. Folks need to get with the program and agree to disagree instead of attacking each other for differing views.


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