ReBlog – The Hat-trick: Tools for Revision


ReBlog – This is interesting!

by Chris Mandeville

Knife, scissors, chisel, scalpel, jackhammer—I bet you were expecting a plethora of these types of implements in a post about “tools for revision.” After all, revision is all about cutting, honing, tearing apart and re-crafting your words, right?

Well, not exactly.

Though we often use the terms “editing” and “revising” interchangeably, there is a difference. Editing is detail-oriented and involves honing the prose, voice, pacing, and so forth, in which case a tool like a chisel would be an apt reference. But revision is a completely different task requiring completely different tools, the most essential of which is your hat. Let me explain.

First let’s look at the words editing and revision. Edit means “to change,” whereas revision derives from the Latin “revise” which means “to look at again.” So revision is about seeing—or rather re-seeing—your story, not about changing it. It’s about perspective. Objectivity. Re-visioning your story as a whole. This big-picture stuff is essential before attempting the detail-work of editing where you refine your words.

Source: The Hat-trick: Tools for Revision | Kobo Writing Life

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