Editing and work

Late posts

This is my progress from yesterday. I struggled with motivation. Since we’ve gotten back from the water park I have taken a nap everyday. My little one is out of school now. She’s been crawling up next to me on the couch and within minutes falls asleep. I soon follow. I hope my napping passes soon my house can’t handle it.


Word count 46,898 – Goal 38,719 – Actual from original document 43,055

Woot, woot! I’m ahead. I’m not sure how I’m staying ahead but I hope it continues.

Day 31 – Chapter 36

Ahead again. The trend continues. Go, me! Go, me! Happy dance time.

Words added to original document 3,843 – Word loss of 41

I had no plans to add any words to this so the fluctuation doesn’t bother me. But since starting the second half it has been a decrease in word count. I have finally taken away more than I added in a day. It will take a while before I make a dent in the almost 4,000 words I added to the first half.


My work has closed until the 31st for deep cleaning. I hope to use these evening to do housework. I don’t get a lot done through out the day while editing. Dishes and laundry are the main things. They practically do themselves.

ReBlog – Dear Indie ♥ Weekly Resource Post

ReBlog – Hi everyone! Soooo… I need to backpedal a little bit.  In hindsight, this probably should’ve been my first Dear Indie post, but as with all things in my journey, I’m learning everything as I go.  I’m here to help, yes – but I am far from being the expert!  With that being said, this week’s post is about saving yourself the headache of last-minute deadlines you might not even be aware of (especially, if you’re a brand new author).  Things no one takes the time to warn you about, that should be done BEFORE your manuscript, and definitely before that beauty is ready to publish.

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ReBLog – #SaturdayBlog – After Party Goodie Bag from the Drop It Like It’s Hot Blogging Event

ReBlog – If you missed this event be sure to check out her next one. These are great fun!

Last Wednesday’s Drop It Like It’s Hot Blogging Event was HOT, HOT, HOT! Tons of interactivity, great chats, great exchanges, great new blog finds and great new friends! The next time I host an eve…

Source: After Party Goodie Bag from the Drop It Like It’s Hot Blogging Event | #SaturdayBlog | Simply Marquessa

Recovering and editing

Not in that order


Day 30

Word goal 37,470

Words added today 79

Words added total 3,963

Place without words added 41,003

I’m in the middle of chapter 36. I’m not sure how taking three days off got me ahead of schedule but somehow it did. My chapter goal is 6 days ahead and word count is 3,500 ahead. (I’m tired so I might have read the calendar wrong. We’ll find out tomorrow night.) Adding to my word count has seemed to slow. I don’t know if this is a sign of the second half being better written or if I need to make better changes. I’ll try to add a photo of my edits tomorrow.


I’m still sore from the water park adventure. I had to work tonight and the girl blessed me by calling and asking me to switch hours with her. I worked less than three hours. I ‘ll hate this come payday but today my sore leg muscles are happy. I did make chili for dinner since I got off work early.


ReBlog – #WattPadWednesday A Novel Approach: Christopher L. Buono, a Self-Interview

Instead of my typical weekly Wattpad post, I’m doing something a little different today. This is more of a self-interview by author Christopher L. Buono, or @ChrisBuono as I have come to know…

Source: A Novel Approach: Christopher L. Buono, a Self-Interview | Darly Jamison

ReBlog – fiction friday 23: secret admirer.

ReBlog – I’ve shared this lady’s work with you before and I’m pleased to bring you a link to more. Enjoy!

Back in November, I wrote a short piece of fiction that I always thought could be something more. And a few readers suggested the same. But I never wrote more… until now. I’m beginning with a slightly edited version of the original post. More to come… but I do not have much written beyond this initial installment… I’ll be making it up as I go. So please set your expectations accordingly…

secret admirer.

I don’t wear my wedding rings at the gym. For practical purposes. It never occurred to me that anyone was paying attention to my hands… looking for a ring… or looking for not-a-ring.

Follow this link to read more: fiction friday 23: secret admirer. | what sandra thinks

Editing part two

The right way


Over the weekend my editor sent me her edits for part two of Her Unexpected Life. I already had the edits of that section from a lady who helps me. So last night and this morning I went through and accepted or rejected all the editors. Then the lady’s. Finally I went through and deleted all my double spaces. As I go I’m going to try to add commas. I under punctuate. I’m also embarking on showing and not telling now. But I needed a break.

Water Park

The kids loved our trip to the water park. We were there for a few days and they still weren’t sick of it when we left. Mommy’s legs feel like jello so today is a couch day. I guess since it’s not peak season there weren’t any lines for anything. So, it was straight to the top of the water slide. No breaks on the climb.

At the hotel they have a magic wand quest game. We bought them a wand to share and went on adventures before and after we went to the water park. We didn’t get all of those accomplished. Maybe next time. The adventure spanned four floors and a lot of the time it was easier to take the stairs. Adding to the misery my legs feel today.

A few of our friends stayed as well and a few met us there. The girls enjoyed having their friends to play with at the water park. And us parents enjoyed having someone to talk to. Prior to their arrival my husband and I were doing divide and conquer. He took one and went one way and I took the other and headed somewhere else.

Hope you had a great weekend. Happy writing.

ReBlog – 10 Grammar Mistakes People Love To Correct (That Aren’t Actually Wrong)

Are you the sort of person who just loves correcting other people’s grammar? Are you sure that you’re doing it right? Some things that people have been taught are rules of English grammar are really not rules at all—and some of them are flat-out wrong.

Source: 10 Grammar Mistakes People Love To Correct (That Aren’t Actually Wrong)

ReBlog – Top Ten Tips for Writing Novellas

A guest post Dan Peacock, 2014 Project Coordinator for The Novella Award.

1. Plan, plan, plan

Many writers think that because of their length, novellas are something they can just sit down and write. This is not the case. As with the novella’s longer cousin, the novel, it needs to be planned thoroughly beforehand. What’s the point of writing ten thousand words only to realise the story has reached its conclusion? Forward planning using any stimulus such as the snowflake method or a simple brainstorm can make the difference between a novella and another short story.

Source: Top Ten Tips for Writing Novellas | Aerogramme Writers’ StudioTop Ten Tips for Writing Novellas

Edits and Water Parks


I completed adding my editors changes that I could find. I generally use the document she sends and prove or decline the changes for some reason I did not do that this time as I mentioned yesterday. Making adding her changes to my changes a crazy mess.

Now, I am going to add some things like scents and noises. I’m lacking in those. But I plan to be done with it by the time she sends me the other half back next week with her changes. I’ll use her documents this time. Lol!

Water Parks

We are  visiting an indoor water park today. Our first trip wish me luck.

ReBlog – Writers Beware: The Fast Yes and the Slow No

Writers Beware: The Fast Yes and the Slow No

In Hollywood, screenwriters soon learn that there are two types of responses that movie producers give to a screenplay:  The Fast Yes and The Slow No.

Source: Mike Wells Official Website: Writers Beware: The Fast Yes and the Slow No

Half way done

Sort of


I got the first half edits that I was doing yesterday done. I got the edits one of my reader does for me done. She is super at catching incorrect word use. And I started my editors grammar edits. I probably should have done this before I started editing altogether I would have made my life so much easier. But the edits I was doing were based on her comments. I just missed a few when I skimmed through the draft when she sent it back to me. I don’t make all her changes ever but if I had… Hind sight … blah, blah. I’m over half way done with that, on chapter 17, ten more to go. I’m taking the weekend off, hoping to get the other half of her edits for this so I can start it off right next week.

Chapters 26 and 27 edited.

Original word count was 62,451.

Words edited yesterday 35,591.

Total word count after edits 66,144.

Increase of 3,693 words.

Gain of 234 words.

Actual words minus increase 31,898.

Day 26 Goal 32,474.


Took my kiddos bowling yesterday and my four-year old beat me with a score of 104. I had 91. She got like three spares, it was awesome.

ReBlog – 6 Social Media Tips for Writers

6 Social Media Tips for Writers

Publishing tweets and status updates is definitely different from publishing the usual writing projects, but hey — self-publishing writers can benefit from being self-promoting writers, too. Social media offers amazing platforms to connect with readers, other writers, and catch the attention of publishers — all great opportunities.

Source: 6 Social Media Tips for Writers – The Writer’s Circle

ReBlog – Author Q&A- Tricia Stewart Shiu

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Tricia Stewart Shiu, an amazing writer who has won many awards for her books. Her newest book, Please Hold, is on sale now. Read the interview below to see …

Source: Author Q&A- Tricia Stewart Shiu | Keystroke

Editing and bowling

Both went better than expected


Had a changed up schedule yesterday. My littlest had a school trip to the bowling alley from 10-12 and no school after. She actually bowled on her own. I usually have to help her push the balls down the lane. She was pretty socialized out after and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in her room with her shopkins. So, mommy got to edit till time to go to work.


I got chapter 23, 24 and 25 edited, leaving only two chapters in this half of the story. I find it easier to divide it into at least to sections. It gives me such a great feeling seeing the purple highlighted chapter creeping closer to the bottom.

Where does this three chapter gain put me? I’m on day 25 so I got caught up there. I’m at 33,634 words, goal for yesterday was 31,225. But how much was added. Math, blah… Original word count was 62,451. My number now is 65,910. A total gain of 3,459 of which only 170 words were added yesterday. So if we do a little subtraction I’m at 30,175 words edited of the original document. Just shy of a day behind.