Editing and work

Late posts

This is my progress from yesterday. I struggled with motivation. Since we’ve gotten back from the water park I have taken a nap everyday. My little one is out of school now. She’s been crawling up next to me on the couch and within minutes falls asleep. I soon follow. I hope my napping passes soon my house can’t handle it.


Word count 46,898 – Goal 38,719 – Actual from original document 43,055

Woot, woot! I’m ahead. I’m not sure how I’m staying ahead but I hope it continues.

Day 31 – Chapter 36

Ahead again. The trend continues. Go, me! Go, me! Happy dance time.

Words added to original document 3,843 – Word loss of 41

I had no plans to add any words to this so the fluctuation doesn’t bother me. But since starting the second half it has been a decrease in word count. I have finally taken away more than I added in a day. It will take a while before I make a dent in the almost 4,000 words I added to the first half.


My work has closed until the 31st for deep cleaning. I hope to use these evening to do housework. I don’t get a lot done through out the day while editing. Dishes and laundry are the main things. They practically do themselves.

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