Recovering and editing

Not in that order


Day 30

Word goal 37,470

Words added today 79

Words added total 3,963

Place without words added 41,003

I’m in the middle of chapter 36. I’m not sure how taking three days off got me ahead of schedule but somehow it did. My chapter goal is 6 days ahead and word count is 3,500 ahead. (I’m tired so I might have read the calendar wrong. We’ll find out tomorrow night.) Adding to my word count has seemed to slow. I don’t know if this is a sign of the second half being better written or if I need to make better changes. I’ll try to add a photo of my edits tomorrow.


I’m still sore from the water park adventure. I had to work tonight and the girl blessed me by calling and asking me to switch hours with her. I worked less than three hours. I ‘ll hate this come payday but today my sore leg muscles are happy. I did make chili for dinner since I got off work early.


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