ReBlog – fiction friday 23: secret admirer.

ReBlog – I’ve shared this lady’s work with you before and I’m pleased to bring you a link to more. Enjoy!

Back in November, I wrote a short piece of fiction that I always thought could be something more. And a few readers suggested the same. But I never wrote more… until now. I’m beginning with a slightly edited version of the original post. More to come… but I do not have much written beyond this initial installment… I’ll be making it up as I go. So please set your expectations accordingly…

secret admirer.

I don’t wear my wedding rings at the gym. For practical purposes. It never occurred to me that anyone was paying attention to my hands… looking for a ring… or looking for not-a-ring.

Follow this link to read more: fiction friday 23: secret admirer. | what sandra thinks

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