Editing part two

The right way


Over the weekend my editor sent me her edits for part two of Her Unexpected Life. I already had the edits of that section from a lady who helps me. So last night and this morning I went through and accepted or rejected all the editors. Then the lady’s. Finally I went through and deleted all my double spaces. As I go I’m going to try to add commas. I under punctuate. I’m also embarking on showing and not telling now. But I needed a break.

Water Park

The kids loved our trip to the water park. We were there for a few days and they still weren’t sick of it when we left. Mommy’s legs feel like jello so today is a couch day. I guess since it’s not peak season there weren’t any lines for anything. So, it was straight to the top of the water slide. No breaks on the climb.

At the hotel they have a magic wand quest game. We bought them a wand to share and went on adventures before and after we went to the water park. We didn’t get all of those accomplished. Maybe next time. The adventure spanned four floors and a lot of the time it was easier to take the stairs. Adding to the misery my legs feel today.

A few of our friends stayed as well and a few met us there. The girls enjoyed having their friends to play with at the water park. And us parents enjoyed having someone to talk to. Prior to their arrival my husband and I were doing divide and conquer. He took one and went one way and I took the other and headed somewhere else.

Hope you had a great weekend. Happy writing.

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