Half way done

Sort of


I got the first half edits that I was doing yesterday done. I got the edits one of my reader does for me done. She is super at catching incorrect word use. And I started my editors grammar edits. I probably should have done this before I started editing altogether I would have made my life so much easier. But the edits I was doing were based on her comments. I just missed a few when I skimmed through the draft when she sent it back to me. I don’t make all her changes ever but if I had… Hind sight … blah, blah. I’m over half way done with that, on chapter 17, ten more to go. I’m taking the weekend off, hoping to get the other half of her edits for this so I can start it off right next week.

Chapters 26 and 27 edited.

Original word count was 62,451.

Words edited yesterday 35,591.

Total word count after edits 66,144.

Increase of 3,693 words.

Gain of 234 words.

Actual words minus increase 31,898.

Day 26 Goal 32,474.


Took my kiddos bowling yesterday and my four-year old beat me with a score of 104. I had 91. She got like three spares, it was awesome.

2 thoughts on “Half way done

    1. I’m not very good at it most time but every now and then I walk in and kill it. My youngest beat everyone three out of the four times we went this week. My oldest has my luck, poor baby. We will have to start going in the afternoon so my husband can go. So he can give my youngest some competition.


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