Edits, doctors and dancing

Two of the three was a major disappointment yesterday

I’m going to start with yesterdays edits.

I got chapter 21 & 22 edited, I’m 30,000 words into the document now and am on day 24.

Where am I supposed to be based on my plan: chapter 24 and 29,976 words edited.

My original word count before I started was 62,451. I’m now at 65,740. That’s a total of 3,289 words added since my edits started. So, I gained 232 words in my edits yesterday.

If you minus that increase of 3,289 from 30,000 you get my actual progress on the original document. I’m at 26,711 of the original document. I’m 3,265 words behind schedule. I’m hoping to catch up Thursday.

But progress is progress so I’m excited.

Now on to doctors.

My youngest had an appointment with her allergists and we have to avoid her allergens for one more year. One was so close it was ridiculous but we’ve waited this long one more year won’t kill us.

Finally we are left with dance.

I’m not happy with the place my daughter currently dances. The teacher is nice enough and the kids like her but when she cancels classes for something she always cancels my daughters class. Granted she’s only four but their recital routine is crazy. Kids run everywhere, half of them don’t know where to be because they’ve never been told. I wish the teacher would use spots and put each kids name on one and line them up a certain way and make it the same way every practice. I know getting four-year olds to do stuff can be like herding cats in water but with a little more effort on the teachers part the chaos can be minimized.

She is currently canceling or rescheduling my daughters class because her boy is doing t-ball. I don’t want to deny a mother the chance to see her child play but I feel when she scheduled the class on Tuesdays she made a commitment to the kids to be there and maintain that schedule. Like we did when we signed our kids up. I put my daughter in soccer, it’s on Monday’s. Am I supposed to make my daughter miss soccer because the dance teacher decided her own schedule isn’t convenient for her anymore?

The sad part is the same thing happened during the beginning of the year but then her reason was the local high school musical which practices always happened to be during the hour of the four years classes and never during any other groups practice time. Then we got rescheduled to Saturdays. I didn’t sign up to do Saturdays. My oldest Swim Meets are on Saturday during the school year. A few times we had to decide between dance or a Swim Meet. If it only happened once or twice I would understand but it’s been happening the whole season.


8 thoughts on “Edits, doctors and dancing

  1. I had a daycare provider like this when my kids were little. It was a legitimate daycare, but they ran it out of their home and I didn’t have a problem with that, until after the third time they announced they would be “closed” during the week for one reason or another, which put me out as a full-time employee with no day care – to me, that is very unprofessional. I understand that everyone has kids and family, but if you’re running a business then you need to follow through with the commitment you make to your paying clients and in this case, someone needs to learn how to plan schedules a little better, I think.

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  2. She needs to refund parents or hand her class over to someone else. I’m all for parent involvement with their children, but she’s shortchanging the dance class by canceling to be with HER son. Also sounds like she’s not putting in much when she’s there if there’s no order or routine.

    Like anything else we do with our children, dance class should be a learning and a MEMORABLE experience. My two youngest are in their 20s, and we still laugh ourselves silly looking at old photos from rehearsals and recitals, and remembering the instructor – Miss Beverly. 😀

    Stop letting her take advantage of you. She may have the best of intentions, but her list of priorities is screwing up yours.

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    1. I’m going to try and go to some recitals and ‘scout’ out a new place. Last year we did cheer and that teacher spoiled us with her structure and ability with the kids. But that is two hours away and not feasible anymore.


  3. I very much enjoy your site and relate to your writing adventures. I’m editing/trimming/adding a novel myself 🙂 Sorry to hear about your daughters rescheduled dance lessons. I agree that the teacher made a commitment to teach at a certain time and should keep it, unless the circumstances are special. I get she wants to cheer on her son, but I would think she should set a good example by keeping her commitments for the most part to. Just my thoughts but I don’t know how things are for her or you, so that could change things. Great to meet you!

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    1. Greet meeting you. I look forward to following your writing journey.

      I have an older daughter and we have dance or tumble other places and none ever rescheduled classes on this scale. There were classes missed and rescheduled due to snow but usually classes went on every week and subs were called in if needed.

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