Three days

Well I crunched the numbers after squeaking out chapter eighteen tonight.

I’ve been editing for 22 days now. My goal was fifty chapters in fifty days. So I’m a few days behind.

I took the beginning word count and divided it by 50 and came up with 1249 words need edited a day. I should be at 27,478. My actual number is 24,807. A little over two days behind.

The original word count for the whole book was 62,451. I’m at 65,100 now. That’s a gain of 2,649 words.

What do all these numbers tell me? I need another ‘good’ editing day like I had last Thursday. Minimal distractions, pajama day with nowhere to go, and a four-year old willing to let mommy work for 45 minute stretches.

What are you doing since Camp Nano is over? Did you continue with your project or did you start a new one?

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