Reblog – Top 4 Free and Incredibly Useful Writing Apps

Whether or not you’ve fully embraced the digital era, as a writer you have plenty to gain from it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Fret not: your hardbound books and loose-leaf paper are not under threat. But there’s simply no use clinging to the past when there’s a glut of free resources available to writers at the click of a button. Need feedback on a poem? There’s an app for that. A clean, distraction-less place to store notes and inspiration? It’s a free download away. You’ve got nothing to lose here– so go ahead, experiment, find the app that fits your needs, and get to writing!

1. Draft This handy little web app offers streamlined word processing with version control and collaboration. Translation: you can accept or ignore feedback from editors and anyone who reviews your writing after you’ve received it. Their changes are not automatically added to your draft, but you can go through afterwards, line by line, deciding what you’d like to keep. A bunch of other great features make Draft worth a free download, not the least of which is its Hemingway Mode. Should you choose to use it, Hemingway Mode puts you in a write first, edit later mindset. You cannot go back, only forward. No deleting. The only writing you can do comes after what you’ve already written. When you’re ready to do a full-out edit, just shift back into normal mode.

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