Spinning My Wheels

I don’t know where to go from here.

Do I start a new story unrelated to everything I already have going?  Do I finish something I’ve already started?  One of the short stories perhaps.  Or the sequel to Out of the Blue.  Do I give a side character from Her Unexpected Life a story of their own?

I could just take a break for a while and wait till I get ready but I may never get ready.  I could wait till I hear back from my editor on my stories.  But how do you know which suggestions to use and which aren’t for you?  Personally I don’t like a comma before ‘and’ in a sentence.  It feels unnecessary to me.  But if I don’t use one will it damn me in the writing community?  Should I care if other writers think I’m not as professional as them because I don’t use the Oxford Comma?  The reader’s what matters right?

How do I know when my book babies are ready to leave the nest?  Do I take to heart the one or two not so positive opinions and throw out all the good ones on my stories?  I bet this is where a publisher comes in.  If I had one they would tell me if my story was ready.  If you’re an Indie Author how do you know when your story is ready?

Maybe I should title this stuck in the mud.

8 thoughts on “Spinning My Wheels

  1. Heard a great keynote speech at a conference last year. Her formula is take 85% of your editor’s suggestions. As to punctuation, just be consistent. There, that was easy! The other part, not so much, but here are the words of an old friend who was a Pulitzer Prize winner. He was asked the secret of his success. “I write,” he responded.

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    1. Thank you for the advice. You always have the best advice.

      I have to find a new editor soon because mine is returning to college. That’s another one of those questions that run rampant in my head. Who do I use? I have a limited budget and can’t afford a lot. Do I wait to publish even if I feel confident about my stories until I get a new editor and have them look over my works?

      I know it’s fear that keeping me from moving on. I’m a stay at home mom during the day and work in the evenings so my summer days will be full of trips to the library and kid friendly activities. I worry that if I start will I be able to even work on it. A little voice says,’Just wait until fall.’ Then another voice says, ‘Just start. Just write. Just outline.’

      Fear, Indecision and Uncertainty are the monsters under my bed.

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  2. Are you in a critique group? You can do it ‘live’ (my preference) or online if it’s tough to schedule it that way. Ideally find writers of the same genre, but at least from the same target audience. It pushes you to write, and you’ll get valuable feedback. I love my two groups. They’ve made a tremendous difference in my writing.

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      1. Start by posting on your blog. Tweet the request at #amwriting, #amrevising etc. Put a notice on a bulletin board in your local bookstore or coffeehouse. ‘Live’ means you get together and talk face to face about your work. I’m in one group that meets monthly, another that meets every two weeks. You may be able to join one that already exists or form one. I can give you help with that.

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