Colleen Gleason – The Rest Falls Away

Victorian vampire hunters ‘nough said! A new twist on an old idea.

The Rest Falls Away is Book One in The Gardella Vampire Hunters Series

A book to rival any historical love story. It is full of love, angst, deceit and desire.  Oh and vampires but not the good kind. Yea they are seductive but in a tear your throat out sort of way.  Victorian Socialites beware there are vampires in London.

Victoria is born for her new life.  Her debut as an eligible lady into the ton was a coming out in more than one way.  She must choose if she is going to follow in her ancestors foot steps. If she will become a vampire huntress.  She weighs the perks and the perils. Her choice altering her life forever or will it?

The Rest Falls AwayThe head vampire is my least favorite character. A well written evil.  Philip was my next least character.  I kept waiting for something despicable to happen with him or against him.  My favorite was Victoria’s possible partner. He was seasoned and aware of all the dangers. A hero unwanting of the name.

In some places the story got a touch predictable for me hence the four stars but that is my opinion.  The story was also romantically tamer than my normal reads but worth the time.  It can be found on Wattpad for free so I suggest you go check it out for yourself.


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