#CampNaNo Day Eleven

Great day … so far.

My husband got off work early so he is picking the kids up, giving me more time to work on my project.  I would normally have already rushed out the door.  So, I’m going to do my update now and then find some appetizing morsel to munch on while listening to an audiobook.  If I have more time after my snack before I head to work that will be added to tomorrows tally.

Here it is:  341 words have been added bring my total to 74,119, 98% complete with word count.  Leaving 881 words to write in 19 days.

I’m 76% done with edits, 57,748 words edited is where that number sits.  I have one-quarter left and then I’m done.  Then I’m taking a break.

How are you going to celebrate your Camp Nano win?

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