Play Nice – Poem

Just when I convince myself to conform and play nice I find a blazing sign from destiny not to.

Bella Love-Wins – Bad Boy Fire Bear

Bad Boy Fire Bear
My new favorite shifter book! In my opinion, Bad Boy Fire Bear is Bella’s best book to date!

Bad Boy Fire Bear is Book One in the Marked Bear Shifter Romance.

My new favorite shifter book! In my opinion, Bad Boy Fire Bear is Bella’s best book to date! I enjoyed her other shifter series Cabin Bear which was a rework of her Cabin, Billionaire Redemption Series but the stand alone Bad Boy Fire Bear won my heart. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you know my favorite type of books are stand alone happy ever afters. They melt my heart and make me smile.

Jax is the sexy firefighter some might say he’s a womanizer. He likes women but Bad Boy Fire Bearonly for a few nights then he moves on to the next. He is a special man with another side to him, he’s a bear shifter. The new waitress at his local water hole isn’t like the other girls. She is indifferent towards him and it drives him wild but her scent has his bear on edge. Has he found his mate?

Joleen is the new waitress who is sending Jax’s bear into a frenzy. She is just at the bar to raise some money to escape her current situation. She is not looking for another romantic entanglement. She can’t get away from the one she’s in. Jax keeps interjecting himself into her life and even though she finds herself thinking of him she can’t afford to be caught with another man.

I love the character Jax and at great risk to himself and his other firefighter buddies he helps Joleen every chance he gets. His bear won’t let him abandon her even if he mind tells him it will be easier. I find Joleen’s character to be very believable but I do wonder if a real woman in her situation would act the way she does sometimes. Maybe she almost doesn’t take her situation serious enough some times.

I found one part of the story distracting, the tire changing scene. It read inaccurate to me. I had a very old school grandfather who made sure I knew how to change a tire not that I could get impacted lug nuts loose. But I know you have to loosen them before you jack up the car or the tire will just spin and spin. I hope I just misread it because other than that I love this story.

Bella has found another genre she excels at. She grows more as a writer with every one of her stories I read.

Reblog – #WriterWednesday Doors Now Open – “Shameless Self-Promotion “5 à 7″ Blogging Event”

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My #1linewed – Now


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

If the wrong person had found her, she might be dead by now … or worse.

There, I said it now here comes the aftermath.

I do not see the point in trying to hide my body from you now.



ReBlog – #Fiction #TeaserTuesday: “Two Can Play That Game” – Part 2

This is an awesome story I read on an awesome lady’s blog.  I think it’s great.  Enjoy installment number two.

Photo credit: hansvandenberg30 via / CC BY

To read Part 1, click here. And if you enjoy this story, I’d love for you to “Follow” the next installment.

“Hey! This place is pretty crowded. Would you mind if I sit with you?”

She graced me with the warmest of warm dark brown eyes and her smile could have lit up the entire coffee shop…

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Story Poem

Is this a poem, a story, a life journey or the inner workings of my mind?

No one cares what I think.

Writing with the Mentors

Writing advice from Pitch Wars Mentors, past and present

Source: Writing with the Mentors

Muse – Poetry Story


I’m unmotivated, my muse abandoned me.

Poetry – making me a better Writer

Being a better Writer through poetry – I hope

Scrap of Success

I try,
I work against the odds.
I try for you,
I work against the unfamiliar.
I try for all of us,
I work against your passive aggressive comments.
Why do you work so hard to belittle me and my efforts when I’m doing it all for us?
Does my scrap of success scare you that bad?
I only did it to help us.

ReBlog – How do I revise thee? Let me count the ways….

Romance on the Rocks

Jenna Penrose

How do I make the steaming pile of first draft I created during NaNoWriMo into something people will love as much as I loved the initial idea? Revise, revise, revise.  Everyone has their method. He…

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ReBlog – Do You Know The Important Difference Between An Em Dash And An En Dash? – The Writer’s Circle

Don’t get me started on the hyphen!

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More dark poetry

Here comes more darkness from me. 🤔

Tired of falling on your grenades.

#amediting & drifting

Editing, drifting & poetry

#Amediting has been this week and every weeks theme for so long I can’t remember not editing.  I had a small three week break which was filled with a household of sickness. But on Monday I hit editing hard again.

I find that it’s getting easier.

I just hope I’m doing it right. I know I’m not alone in my fears on this.

I took me eight months to convince myself to stop editing while I write.  So I suceeded in my #NaNoWriMo goal and wrote an unedited story in a month.

I hope it doesn’t take me another eight months to gain faith in my editing.  I know I’m on a better path with that now. I got offered help and I took it. But all the advice in the world isn’t going to make me a better writer only writing and reading is.

I tried to read during the last three weeks but managed it horribly. Little ones require moms undivided attention.

That all I have to say about editing for now.  On to drifting.

I’m unsure of what to post today. I used to ReBlog one of my reviews from the website I write them for but they weren’t as popular as I thought they would be. So it was decided I should stop sharing them. This is where the drifting comes in because I don’t know what to post.

Finally we arrive at poetry.

I have started trying to write a poem a day which in reality turns into one every other day. They are on the dark side.  I’m using them as a way to keep my writing juices flowing. Maybe I’ll start posting them on Thursdays.  Now I’m back to drifting.

Scattered is the mind of a mother.  At least this one.

Six word story or poetry?

Story or poem?

I can’t be me with you.

Side note: someone really needs to send me a link to the criteria of six word stories. I might be murdering them unconsciously.

My #1linewed – Smile


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

Callisto’s face becomes illuminated by an irresistible smile. “My own life!”

Drake thoughts-That smile is mesmerizing. I do anything to see it again.

…a smile comes to his lips that Callisto kisses off.

He rewards her with a smile full of affection.