New #teasertuesday idea

#teasertues might be getting an addition to the line up


I have a few blogs I follow of writers I find incredibly talented.  I think I’ll start sharing their work with you on Tuesdays.

In the past I have shared excerpts from my writing but too much of the same can get monotonous so I refrain from sharing every time I make major changes.  Keep that in mind when you look at Out of the Blue any time I share from that work in progress.  I may have it on here ten times (I don’t know the exact number.) but those are the polished version of three or four edits.

I also share websites, bio’s or info pages of people that have really helped me along on my path.  People who have taken me under their wing in one way or another.

I will continue to do both of these but I want to share your work in progress links.  I have a few in mind I have read to get my ReBlog Train moving.  Leave you link in the comments and I will check it out.

I can’t always blog.  But I like to share things I think are worth sharing and that you’ll enjoy when I can’t talk about my writing with you.

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